Laser Printers for Graphic Design Applications

Laser Printers for Graphic Design Applications:

Jesse Harwell —
Are you thinking about getting a laser printer for a graphic design application such as printing business cards or creating flyers?  Hopefully this post will help you not make a decison that is going to waste a ton of your money and not really do anything substantial for your business.
The first thing you need to understand is how printer and copier companies generally compute costs.  Costs are generally computed by using an “average coverage” of 20% per 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper.  What does this actually mean?  Basically it looks like this, the page is covere by this much color…
5% Cyan
5% Magenta
5% Yellow
5% Black
20% Coverage
Now, if you are doing a full color flyer, the $.10 per print you think you’re paying if you’re buying your own supplies is more likely to cost about $.75 a page.
So, if you are doing Graphics, what do you do?  Basically, the best thing is to make sure you are under a cost per print plan?  Xerox and Konica Minolta seem to have the best available plans at this time.  If you are worried about color matching, you’d want to look at a Xerox Phaser 7760, if you are looking at low cost prints, you should look at a Xerox Phaser 8860 under a cost per print plan.
We can get your costs to be less than $.06 print, regardless of coverage if you use the Xerox Phaser 8860 under the Xerox cost per print plan.
These two units would be the first two I would look into if I were in the laser printer market.  Feel free to check out our site to use our free comparison tool!
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3 thoughts on “Laser Printers for Graphic Design Applications”

  1. Very interesting breakdown. Excellent selling point why people may want to reconsider getting a laser printer to do their own business cards. I think I’ll stick to having someone else do them.

    Vista Print is great. Use them often!

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  2. Many companies make lower end laser printers, even all-in-one units that can scan, print, copy and some even are fax machines as well. Models from HP, Lexmark, Sam sung and Brother come to mind with some around the $150 mark starting. There are even color lasers available in some areas for under $300 so nice color printing for low initial investment.

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  3. Really great site that you have built good info thanks.

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