Is Your Business Card Scanner-Ready?

Is Your Business Card Scanner-Ready?

Today with technology like business card scanners being used more and more, making sure your card can be scanned and the information recorded for future use is very important. If you hand out your card but no one’s card scanner can identify the text on the card because of the font, the design, or the background, you have not made the contacts you you want to develop later.

Here are some tips about what works with business card scanners and what does not work.

  1. Make all text in large font as scanners are not able to recognize too small of a font.
  2. Select a font that is somewhat plain. It might not be visually compelling but scanners will have no issues with the text.
  3. Space out the text to allow the card scanners some space to determine the text of your contact information.
  4. Dark backgrounds or designed images look great but distort the scanned text that lies on top of them.
  5. Use text over logo images for scan-ability.
  6. Keep all important contact information on one side of the business card. Scanners do not scan both sides.
  7. Keep different information on different lines. Contact information can be combined into one field when scanned and stored in a database when the text is on one line of the business card.
  8. Finally, make sure all text is horizontal.

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