Two Tips for Generating Great Leads

Generating top mortgage leads is one of the most important aspects of business for a mortgage professional. You need a steady stream of qualified leads flowing into your sales pipeline in order to keep your business growing. What’s interesting, many loan professionals procrastinate this activity. They’d rather spend time purchasing leads and pursuing other activities instead of doing the “grunt” work.

A solid plan to generate quality jumbo mortgage leads will require some hard work. If the service is effective, it may be worth the focus. However, one needs to learn how to do the “hard” work to determine how to select clients that best meet their needs. First, do the hard work and then decide whether to purchase leads.

First Tip

Have the prospects find you. A great strategy is to have your own website. Build a website and optimize it so you’re found through search engines like Google. Have a loan application that instantly alerts you once a lead has filled it out.

Second Tip

Let the lead know what you want him to do. Many mortgage brokers make the mistake of assuming that a lead understand what you want them to do. In reality, you must clearly tell the lead what you want.

Many websites have the issue of having general content. Once a visitor arrives, they see mortgage rates and other general info. However, it become difficult when you want to find the contact or application area. You need to make this apparent and clear on your home page.

You need to differentiate your self from the competition. What do you do better or differently than the rest? State that clearly on your website. Don’t just say that you have great rates, show testimonials where past clients are discussing how great your rates were. You need to step it up and be better if you want more business.

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