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5 Free Online Resources to Help You Manage Projects

Without careful planning, and organization, completing a project can be almost impossible. There are a lot of difference aspects to consider when undertaking a project. Delegating tasks, meeting deadlines, budgeting, and general management of the overall project, are just a few. There are lots of resources available to help a project manager successfully complete a project; you just have to know where to look. Here are 5 free online resources to help any project manager successfully manage their projects.

The Free Management Library

This online library is easy to use, and is loaded with all kinds of different information that can help anyone manage any project no matter how big or small, simple or complex. Learn how to manage your team members, and others you come in contact with. There are approximately 650 topics, and 5,000 links to choose from. Get help starting, developing, and staying on course with your project. Find tips on how to deal with problems that may arise. Each topic has a subtopic so you can get a quick idea if the information is relevant to you and the project you’re managing.


Businessballs can help a project manager learn to make the best possible use out of their time, effectively delegate tasks, successfully communicate with their team members, accurately oversee the project, and much more. Learn to set realistic goals, and clear-cut ways to reach them. Find out how to oversee your project from finish to end, and how to delegate authority within your team, if applicable. Businessballs is a great free online resource for any project.


This online resource is two-fold in that there are some features that are free, and if you want to upgrade, you can pay a little out-of-pocket, and have access to more. The free features include lots of different templates that can be utilized for managing your projects, and a blog where you can glean a host of information. Check out the free templates and the blog. Lots of good stuff to be found here.

Method 123

One of the best things you can do to successfully manage your project is to be organized. Method 123 has an assortment of free templates that can help you successfully manage your project and stay organized. There’s also a variety of newsletters, and articles, that cover different topics regarding many aspects of managing projects. There’s lots of tips and hints from those who have been in your shoes, and know-how to transition a project from beginning to end.


Max’s is a huge site that is literally loaded with so much information on managing projects it’s hard not to become overwhelmed. Find information on everything from project costs, time management, and scope all the way to risk management, task descriptions and public relations. Max’s has a lot of information that you can utilize from the beginning of the project all the way to its successful end.

A popular freelance writer, Trudi Buck, writes about how to look for an online masters in project management.

A great tip for building your email list subscriber count

One of the most common things that email marketers do to encourage people to subscribe to their opt in lists is to offer something for free in exchange for signing up. For example, you might be offered a free ebook or whitepaper, or a free software download. This is a great technique for inducing opt-ins, but depending on your industry you may need to sweeten the pot a bit in order to get people signing up consistently.

One way you can do this is by offering a special giveaway to ‘one lucky mailing list subscriber.’ This can really gain you a lot of subscribers for only a small investment. If the purpose of your email marketing campaign is to sell a product or service, giving away your product or service to one lucky winner can be an extremely affordable way to not only build up your subscriber count, but also raise brand awareness. People like to spread the word about these types of contests, and people who enter are much more likely to eventually purchase your product if they don’t win. That’s because by committing to join your  mailing list in exchange for a chance to win your product, they have affirmed to themselves that your product is something they would like to have.

Another reason why people consistently respond well to these types of contests is because statistical analysis does not really come naturally to people. When we hear that “one lucky winner” will receive a prize, we generally don’t start by calculating the odds that we will be that person. Instead, we typically think to ourselves, “What if it’s me?” And then we imagine what it would be like if we were to win. This is another reason why the mere act of signing up for a contest affirms our desire for the prize. You can use this to your advantage to build up a thriving email marketing list with high conversion rates.

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