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Just How Many Ways Can You Utilize Twitter?

How are we using twitter? How do we intend to use and utilize it? There are dozens of ways to make use of this twitter thing. How plenty do we know? How much do we use? Heres a short list of how I use and perceive twitter for personal and internet marketing uses.

Making friends may be considered the most fundamental or widely known use of twitter. Like any other social interaction sites twitter promotes connection and making the world a smaller place. You can track friends’ messages and so their updates.

Being updated of the news.

With twitter we can link to useful sites and articles that have the freshest batch of news and gossips. With it we can be up to date to the latest news around the globe in real time. I for one get updated almost every hour.


Twitter as other social networking sites can be a very effective mean of advertisement and works as a good extension of your marketing plan if you use it properly. What with all the people who are into twitter you’ re product is bound to get followers and therefore be known. Thus the prospect of it being an advertising tool. You just don’t want to over do the marketing on Twitter as you will certainly turn off a lot of people in a hurry.

Those are just some of the ways on how I utilize twitter. I think it is very handy and it serves a purpose that I use for both my personal and professional life. How about you guys? How are you using twitter? What ways have you found that make it a viable way to market online or are you just using it as a social platform or way to keep up with friends, acquaintances and colleagues? Let me know as I am interested in learning from you guys also.

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