Call Center and Customer Support Outsourcing

When would be a good time to have call center outsourcing for your company? Perhaps, when your telephone calls are taking valuable time from your employees and it would be more cost-effective to have calls outsourced? Would you be confident with outsourcing calls to someone who is not actually an employee or is from another country? After all, this is the first impression your customers will have of your company. These and many other questions arise when deciding upon call center outsourcing.

Call Center Outsourcing businesses have been around since the end of the 80’s and have continued to this … Read more at Free Business Cards

Leadership For Results: The Balanced Scorecard Concept

We often hear about scorecards in sporting events and competitions but do you know that they are widely used even business? Over the years, the strategic planning and management system concept dubbed as the balanced scorecard has been embraced by a good number of companies. Organizations in the field of industry and business – and even government and non profit ones – have come to benefit from this unique concept. However, not too many of us quite understand this strategic planning and management system concept. And what many of us do not quite get is how this concept contributes … Read more at Free Business Cards