Call Center and Customer Support Outsourcing

When would be a good time to have call center outsourcing for your company? Perhaps, when your telephone calls are taking valuable time from your employees and it would be more cost-effective to have calls outsourced? Would you be confident with outsourcing calls to someone who is not actually an employee or is from another country? After all, this is the first impression your customers will have of your company. These and many other questions arise when deciding upon call center outsourcing.

Call Center Outsourcing businesses have been around since the end of the 80’s and have continued to this day. Companies with extremely large incoming calls are taking advantage of the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of outsourcing their calls. Customers requiring assistance with appointments, products and troubleshooting can be directed to a call center freeing up valuable employee time for more important and time-sensitive duties.

You will need to investigate thoroughly. Initially, you could contact the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce in your city to obtain information and contacts regarding outsourcing. Also, networking would probably yield good results.


However, be very careful selecting a call center outsource company. Most of these companies will direct your company’s calls to other countries such as India, Canada, Indonesia and the Philippines. You will have to decide if you feel comfortable enough to have that happen. You may not feel comfortable having your calls redirected outside your own country. Others outside your country may not speak the proper language or will not understand what you are trying to accomplish with your service or product. You may want to keep outsourcing in your own country for the advancement of jobs.

Initial and continuing costs vs. monies saved is a big factor. Most companies have gone outside the country because it is the least expensive choice. With the economy the way it is in America, you may want to outsource your calls to American citizens, thereby generating jobs. It costs approximately $20.00 per American employee and $12.00 for outsourcing to another country.

Currently, there is a brewing controversy over a bill being introduced by Senator Chuck Schumer in New York which would curtail many calls being off-shored or outsourced to other countries with a fee of .25 per call charged to the company outsourcing the calls.

Research and investigation is a very wise and prudent idea when a company is considering outsourcing business processes.

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  1. I would never feel very comfortable outsourcing customer service. I think it is a really important part of a company which I would like to keep close to the rest of the business.
    Of course the outsource company will have no problem solving the standard issues and questions a customer may have. But there will always be some cases that are a little more complicated and where the call center agent won’t be sure what to do. In these cases I want the customer service employees to work close to some employees in higher positions so that they can get answers to their questions in short time.

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