Entrepenurial Insights: Change of Mindset


Being an entrepreneur is very tough because in order to be one, you have to completely change your mindset. Everything you knew before in the workplace goes right out the window. People with employee mindsets usually stay employees but those with winning mindsets will be able to be something more. But the process is hard because the majority of people don’t do it. You have to stand against the crowd when you become an entrepreneur. If you don’t find like minded people to discuss and hang around with, you will likely be lonely and go right back to old habits.

However, the fear is necessary to propel yourself forward. You became an entrepreneur because you wanted to challenge new ideas, create new ones, and find a better way of life. Fear can help motivate you because what happens if you quit? What is the alternative? Going back to the corporate lifestyle, working 60+ hours a week, and getting little to show for it? When you consider the long term costs of such an thing, becoming an entrepreneur doesn’t seem so bad.

When you are fresh on your journey to become an entrepreneur, the world can seem like a scary place. Your liveliness depends on the amount of hard work you put in, your team, your dreams, goals, and mission statement. It is at this point where you are most vulnerable. You’re unsure if you’ll be successful or if you can make it. You may have fears or doubts. That is perfectly OK. Everyone has fears and doubts. However, you can’t let that stop you from succeeding.

To build up your confidence, start small. Find projects that you easily overcome and problems that can be easily solved. Little victories can help you realize your potential. Entrepreneurs are very apt in the beginning to fail due to discouragement and self sabotage. Shortchange that way of thinking by showing yourself what you are capable of. If you can solve little problems, then you are capable of solving bigger problems.

Most businesses fail in the first year and even more fail in the next four four. There is a 99% failure rate. After 5 years, only 1 business will still be standing out of 100. The results are rather depressing. That’s why you have to adapt. To change and improve yourself for the better. Always strive to learn, flex the problem solving muscles, make a business plan, and have confidence and you can be the 1% that survives.

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