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With increasing number of competitive companies available in the market, having information on customers’ behavior and wants will defines business strategies and tactics. Oftentimes, it is not the companies with the best products and services that excel in the industry but rather it is the aggressive and customer directed enterprises. Understanding one’s client is usually done through feedbacks, surveys, observations and evaluations; however, recently, there have been complex additions to these methods.

Customer management relations (CRM) is a general term used for employed strategies to manage company’s interactions with customers, client and prospect clients. It usually includes the use of technology such as the internet,software and mobile phones to organize, automate and synchronize business processes-sales, technical support, marketing and customer service- as well as store information on a database.Use of customer management relations software depends on the certain circumstances. If a specific business involves a good number of customer, products and transaction, the aid of a program may be necessary however it will impractical to use CRM software for enterprises with a few customers. There is no specific CRM package or program that fits all businesses, therefore it important to look around for CRM solution offers, price differences, customization and integrated system. It is also good to read reviews on software and talk to people who is knowledgeable on this area. Lastly, you can ask for details on pricing, expected time frame, downtime,training and licensing.

If your business is starting out or cannot probably afford CRM packages and experts, outsourcing might be an option you can consider. It is not unusual especially in the customer service sector to outsource their employees to other countries like India and the Philippines.


These countries are now recognized by global companies to provide cost-efficient and quality systems. Another option includes downloading free CRM software. Many software companies in the web offer free software and 30 day trial for paid packages are also available. Many of these free software are actually open source CRM. Open source CRM allows codes to be tailored to the needs of the companies. Top 10 Open Source CRM includes SugarCRM, SplendidCRM Software Inc, Centric CRM, Hipergate,Compiere Inc. and more.

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