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Impressive Foil Business Cards

Why stick with the ordinary when you can go extraordinary?  Make a very good first impression with the foil business cards, otherwise known as foil stamped business cards.  Aside from foil stamping, make that extra special impression when you add a touch of your own personality on your double sided business cards.

Combine the elements from these two types of business cards and you will certainly get a good start in making a good impression last.

What are these elements?

First on the list is the flexibility which allows you to really play around with the layout of your business card, whether it is the foil kind or the double sided type.  Have fun with the layout and design. Would you want it to be really formal? How about a warm and friendly feel to it?  Whatever tickles your fancy, both these cards will certainly leave a mark.

Color, font type and pictures add more personality.

You have the whole rainbow spectrum, and even more, to choose your colors from. You can go monochromatic, two-toned or maybe even splash it with three major colors.  You can also go the whole nine yards with ROYGBV:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.  Don’t forget to add that sparkle or that metallic feel by including the foil stamp element – on both sides of the card.  Remember!  It still boils down to your business card being an eye candy and not an eye sore.

The different choices in font type could also be a cause for options paralysis – there are so many to choose from.  It is important to bear in mind that we would want it to be clear and easily understood.

How about personality?  Your personality will be clearly reflected in the elements you will be using to create these cards.

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