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Free Help Desk Software

Saving money is important to most companies and a great way to save money is by using help desk software. Help desk software is basically a type of customer service software that allows you to manage and respond to client requests. It allows customers to contact a company with any issues or questions they may have concerning the provider company’s products or service. The customer can even track the request until it is completed. Due to the open source community response, there is a large availability of free help desk software on the internet. This software is top quality and is supported by the open source community.

There are two types of software available, HESK and Zen Help Desk. HESK is written in PHP, Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a trouble ticket software that utilizes MySQL for storage and retrieval of information. An online ticket is created and categorized by the customer. The categories are unlimited and can be customized to fit the company’s needs. Then the customer will choose an alert level for their issue that will help prioritize the complaint.

Once the customer has completed the ticket making processes, the help desk support software will send an email to the customer and the company’s help desk personnel telling them of the issue. The email notifications can be written to fit any company’s requirements. Zen Help Desk is written in ASP and uses MySQL for retrieval and storage of material and information. This program is full of features that will help most companies and their customers. Zen Help Desk is better suited for Microsoft servers, while HESK works well with Linux.

HESK and Zen Help desk have many features in common including being a free program off the internet. In order to start saving money and providing the best customer service, boost your help desk support system with one of these customer service software programs.

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