The Importance Of Teamwork On Achieving A Goal As A Group

The business industry has globalized in so many levels that getting in is not the hard part, but it’s making it work once you’ve gotten in that is challenging. Indeed, the business world is very, very tricky. Thanks to unity, equality and anti-discriminatory campaigns, those in the top management have begun to reach out, relate with, adapt to and most importantly, adjust with the employees rank-file and up and their customs, cultures and even beliefs.

Because of this new development in management systems, the probability of employees actually co-existing and working with one another has grown higher. The cliché “no man is an island” has never been given justice as much as this. Looking back to those days where teamwork was not yet much of a shared value, a manager or superior would most often work on his own, not open to the viewpoints and contributions of those much lower in rank. Reality, though, is that even the most brilliant of minds can only go so far as the people around can take him. No single person can truly make a change on his own – the other half of success lies within those who responded to the challenge and those in whom change has been effected. For every success, there has got to be some other people behind or with the hero.

In the smaller picture, yes, success could probably be attained on one’s own, but if we looked at the bigger picture, will success still be attainable? Or will the fire, passion and commitment have faltered? The longer the journey goes, the more tiresome and lonely it becomes if done alone. On the other hand, a journey will always be meaningful and special if along the way, you meet friends, family, and one by one; you take them in under your wing and nurture the relationships you share with them.


Teamwork is more an affective, psychological and social principle than it is physical. Teamwork is not just about a group of individuals gathering together to attain a common goal; it is sharing the same goal, and facing the challenge together to learn, grow and improve with each other along the way.

Hence, regardless of your company’s size and structure, always take team building seriously. The value of teamwork is priceless and the effect it can yield on your employees and on their outputs can spell the difference between your company’s success and failure. Conduct team building programs once or twice a year and allow your employees and supervisors to share a goal and reach for it together.

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