HRIS: The Supercharged Human Resource Management System

The bureaucracy of a company is one of the most complicated things in the corporate world. Rank and file employees are under certain sub-division superiors, who are under the command of their managers. Nevertheless, a company still has a top rank officer who goes by the titles Chief Executive Officer (CEO), President, or Chairman of the Board. Little does everyone in the company know that there exists a certain sub-division who may not share the same title as a CEO’s, but plays an equally critical role. The human resources department’s role is central in the entire company operation – from hiring employees, to firing them, to restructuring the entire business process, and devising company policies.

The HR department’s job is highly technical and objective, and should therefore be done efficiently and effectively. To help HR, a new technology in the form of the Human Resources Information System or HRIS has been designed to provide and organize employee data to be used in the essential HR roles: recruiting, training, payroll, performance analyses, suspensions, promotions and everything else. To put it simply, the HRIS technology may be really advanced, but it can make the HR department’s job really easy; not to mention efficient, precise and effective.

HRIS combines information technology with the human resource management system in that it covers every single issue that falls under the HR department. Employee’s records can now be stored and organized; and accessed according to certain categories for easier searching and identification. Aside from employee data, procedures, decisions and resolutions made during the entire operation are also stored. Hence, it is but necessary to keep the records updated and safe. In the long run, the database can serve as a large and very precise history book for the company:


1. Promotion and Demotion. Thanks to HRIS, HR can now gather employee work and time data and appraise it scientifically to track which employees deserve promotions, or need to be cut off the roster. This can be very beneficial to employees as they are given the opportunity to perform better, and to reach their full potential.

2. Payroll. With this system, the entire payroll process is updated on a regular basis, generating automatic cyclic paychecks and even tax reports. Moreover, deductions and additions on salary are computed more accurately this time, with all the overtime or absences recorded.

Suffice it to say, the HRIS ensures a smooth operation of the basic functions of the Human Resources department. At the click of a finger, the file of every employee – position data, personal details, benefits information, salary records – is readily available to the management

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