Save More With A Good Quality Badge Holder

Every company makes use of a badge holder for different purposes. One, for identification. If you do not wear a uniform, then having the same colored badge would serve as your ID, meanwhile guests could also be assigned a different card for proper identification. Second, it can be used as a marketing tool for sponsored events. And last but not the least they could be used for distinguishing people from one department, booth or project from the rest of the staff. Because it is inevitable in every company, would it not be a great idea to invest in a good one?

By good, I meant something that gets the job done and more. Have you ever tried cheap quality holders that are flimsy and one ends up losing their card because it fell out of its pocket. This should never happen with heavy duty plastic badge holders. They are made of plastic that does not bend, peel off or gets torn easily. Imagine how these could still be recycled for your next event or passed onto new employees.

It also means that you can hold more ID in one holder because it is sturdier than most cases. You can even apply stickers or logos at the back for marketing purposes.

Now that you’ve got longevity covered, let us look at the strings. Why should we need an id retractable badge holder? Well, since most staff take their ID off when they go outside then having a long strap hanging from your pocket is not really ideal. However if you can retract the string then you save yourself from getting the strap snagged somewhere or untangling your ID’s strap.

Having an id retractable badge holder also means that you can easily adjust the ID according to your preference. Taller people can keep their ID longer while the petite ones would be able to shorten it as necessary.

You can never go wrong with a heavy duty plastic badge holders. They last longer and get the job done. Even if you save by buying cheap ones, the cost and effort of replacing them is better invested in a high quality product.

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