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Inflatable Beer Pong Tables for Spring Break Promotion

Many companies that work with the college age demographic market at spring break events/locations inside and outside of the US. One effective way to market to this crowd is to brand several inflatable beer pong tables with your company’s logo and strategically place them into the spring break scene.  In general, beer pongs popularity among the college age demographic is enormous: According to recent studies that surveyed approximately 6,000 college students, 7 of 10 students play the game!  The novelty of playing beer pong in water never fails to impress this market and tends to attract a consistent crowd of spectators.  Here is why this technique tends to be effective

  1. When people see the inflatable beer pong tables they are going to be feeling good… they are on spring break! They will be outside, in the water (probably in the sun) with friends. By inserting your company logo/message into this atmosphere, there is an automatic positive association that is created.
  2. The inflatable pong tables (and by default your brand/logo) will receive repetitive use in a variety of scenes : Ocean, pool, lake, river etc.  This has the effect of creating residual positive impressions.
  3. No promotion or sales team is needed! These inflatable beer pong tables will do the work for you because people already love beer pong so they will naturally use them and gather around to watch. Beer pong is by nature a social game!
  4. You may want to co-brand a beer pong table with a spring break company so that you may lower your cost and have the spring break company use the tables at large events, giving your brand plenty of coverage. If you cannot get a spring break company on board, consider gifting the tables instead. The amount of impressions created due to spring break companies access to your demographic will be well worth the investment.

Beer pong is the most popular party game in the country, hands down.  This can be used to leverage your brand and its ability to draw in the associated college/young professional demographic. All you need are some inflatable tables and the appropriate spring break scene.  To get this done, simply identify and contact (via google) one of the major beer pong table companies and customize a handful of inflatable tables. You’ll be amazed by the positive response!

What Is a Newsletter Sample Used for?

A lot of people think that creating an HTML template is quite a difficult task because it involves using advanced technical skills and sophisticated software. The truth is that anyone can build a template in an HTML format for their newsletter regardless of what skills they possess at the moment. However, before you can build such a template, you first need to have the right tools nearby. Actually, you are going to need a single tool, namely an HTML editor.

If you cannot afford buying such an editor, you still have an alternative as there are both free and commercial editors. The free editors are just as robust as their commercial counterparts. You can download Nvu or KompoZer; these two HTML editors are free and can be grabbed from their respective websites. After you secure your editor, you may find it difficult to use. You can familiarize yourself with the editor by going through some of its tutorials which you can find abundantly online.

After becoming familiar with the editor, it is time to start actually creating the design. You may also find it helpful to use a newsletter sample. The sample can be of great use because it shows you exactly how a newsletter template should look like. There are several places that you can get a sample from. The newsletters of your competitors are probably your best samples because they operate in the same niche as your newsletter. You may also look for samples on the Web and in ezine directories.

If you are still not convinced of creating your own template, you may consider using free readymade newsletter designs. Do a search online for them and you will find dozens of websites offering such templates. Download a template of your choice and use for your email newsletter. First you need to download the template to your desktop. Afterwards, you can upload it to your auto responder account so you can use it for the upcoming issues of your newsletter.

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