Why You Should Use Custom Facebook Tabs

So you’ve created your Facebook fan page, you have several followers and your page has received several likes already…where do you go from there? If you look at a basic Facebook fan page, all the information you have filled out are the basics, and most of these information your existing customers already know. So what do you do to keep them coming back for more, and at the same time draw more attention and followers to your Facebook fan page? By creating custom Facebook tabs, of course.


Custom Facebook tabs are quite easy to create, thanks to Facebook and the thousands of applications available on the site. There are several applications directly available from Facebook which can help you create custom Facebook tabs. One of these applications is SocialAppsHQ. This application provides a very user friendly way to create your own Welcome tab for your Facebook fan page. And it doesn’t stop there. You can also get statistics and analytics of how many views your welcome page has received, how many clicks, and other useful metrics about your fan page.

Using iFrames is another option available for you to add content to your custom Facebook tabs. If for instance your business provides how-to videos and demonstrations, you can create a Facebook tab that showcases these videos. The code you will be putting on iFrame will basically send a request to the server where your video is hosted so that iFrames can display that same video on your Facebook tab. Pretty cool, huh?


One thing is for sure – creating custom Facebook tabs and putting content in them is never as hard as it sounds, thanks to the many different applications available. Facebook has made things a lot simpler and easier for even basic developers and programmers to create custom content for their fan pages. So go ahead, check out and use custom Facebook tabs today!

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