The ins and outs of Guerilla marketing

Business today is competitive.  There may be hundreds of known competing companies that have been around much longer than your business.  How do you compete with such giants in the business world when you don’t have nearly a fraction of the advertising budgets that they utilize?  Well, for one, you use guerilla marketing tactics.  Guerilla marketing is a great term that describes unconventional marketing tactics that are born more of thought, planning, manpower, and work, than large amounts of money.  Guerilla marketing is an interesting form of marketing because instead of depending on a lot of money, its success depends on the ability to manipulate human psychology.

Think about it.  You are pelted by advertisements from the moment you start reading your morning paper to the moment you fall asleep watching TV.  Many people have learnt to tune out advertisements in the newspaper, on bill boards, and even on TV.  Guerilla marketing uses unique methods of advertising that appeal to a person in completely different way.  Instead of focusing on statistics and the masses, guerilla marketing examples reiterate the importance of targeting individuals and their thinking patterns.

An example that illustrates this point can be found in the power of a simple referral.  One guerilla marketing tactic that is used wisely by many small companies is the act of fishing for referrals from already loyal customers.  One loyal customer is worth a lot more than you might think, because he or she can lead you to ten other loyal customers.  Each of those in turn can lead to you ten more if you know how to utilize the power of referrals.  Use your employees with good customer service skills to start tapping into the referral power of your regular customers and you will find that they will lead you to a wealth of potential you didn’t even know was there.

The ins and outs of Guerilla marketing by
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