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Finding The Best Legitimate Paid Surveys

Many people are looking for ways to make money from their couch with the us of their home computer or laptop.  With this latest crazy, many people are looking for paid surveys online.  These surveys promise to award points that are exchangeable for money and some of these surveys pay money directly.  Unfortunately, there are many survey programs and companies that are a scam.  Additionally, there are also surveys that require so much time for so little money.  Before your start your way into the online survey world, you will want to do your best to find legitimate paid surveys online.

To get started, you will want to first find some ground rules.  You should not attempt to work for any companies that make you pay an upfront fee.  Any company that does this is probably a scam.  You should not have to fork out your own money just to make a small amount of money.  Only use programs that are free.

You will need to search carefully to find the best legitimate paid surveys.  Try using search terms such as “legitimate” “survey panel” and “research group.” This will help to narrow out some of the scam sights.  There are many research companies that do pay individuals for their time and services.  It just takes a little extra time finding these types of companies.

Another idea is to search various work at home forums.  As you become a regular member on some of these forums, you will be able to task the opinion of other members.  Many of these sites have a list of legitimate work at home and home survey websites.  This will help you avoid the frustration of having to find out that a company is not worth your time.

Whatever you do, make sure that you do a search on each company before agreeing to do surveys.  If there are negative reviews, this is a big warning sign that should stop you from doing any further work.  You will find that there are many survey opportunities available if you just take the extra time and effort to research carefully.

How Opportunity Cost Can Affect Your Home Business

In order to properly plan and weigh your options, you should always consider opportunity cost as you make business decisions. So what exactly is opportunity cost? It’s an economics concept that says there is a cost to choosing one option over another. For example, imagine that your home office needed a new computer, printer, desk and scanner, yet you only had the funds for one of these items. Ultimately, you decide that the scanner is most important to your office, followed by the computer, desk and then the printer. After buying the scanner, the opportunity cost would be all the benefits and capabilities you would’ve received had you bought the computer instead.

It’s important to note that opportunity cost only applies to your second choice option, which in this case is the computer, and is not the sum of all the options you didn’t choose. Remember, you only had the funds to buy one of the options. So you can’t add up all the things you could have done with the computer, desk and printer, because it was never an option to buy all four of the items. In this case, the computer was your second option, so that’s where your opportunity cost lies.

Opportunity cost isn’t limited only to material measurements. In the example above, most of the opportunity cost would be work-related functions that you could have performed with the computer. But imagine a non-work scenario, such as choosing between three different films at a theater. You have four options: Gone With the Wind, Casablanca, Citizen Cane or Terminator 2. After mulling it over, you rank the options as follows: Terminator 2, Casablanca, Citizen Cane and Gone With the Wind. So your opportunity cost will be all the things you would’ve received had you watched Casablanca. This might include personal enjoyment, romantic inspiration and a greater appreciation for World War II history. Again, note that the opportunity cost applies only to your second option and doesn’t include Gone With the Wind and Citizen Cane.

As seen in the film example above, opportunity cost can be applied to anything of value to you. It allows you to effectively weigh options and understand the ramifications of your decisions. As you progress with your home business, use this strategy to gauge the cost of your decisions. Every course of action carries opportunity cost, giving you an accurate assessment of the future.

J.F. Crook is an experienced online marketer, website owner and consultant. Current projects include Professional Marketing International and Visionary Strategies.

Rising Atop The Business Food Chain With Increase Profits

The first thing that comes to the mind of a person once he has started his business is how to increase the profits of the business that he has put up. This is due in part to modern thinking that success in the business industry can be measured by how much profit a particular business makes; and if one business in particular does not generate income, then it pretty much is a losing battle for that business. Few people realize however, that increasing the profits of a particular business can be solved by studying the early stages of successful business and the studies made by various experts on that matter.

As a matter of fact, there are already numerous studies that were made that were aimed particularly to answer the question on how a business can increase its own profits. Some of the results have come as a shock as the most simple solution was able to create a chain reaction starting from productivity to profitability and it also made the workers love their jobs and also happy.

According to earlier studies made, in order to increase profits one must simply increase productivity. This is easier said than done, but with the modern concepts and methods in motivation available, it has become as easy as counting.

Increase productivity can be made by proper motivation of the employees and the workers of a particular business. Some of the studies show that by simply creating a spacious, pleasant, and clean environment, the workers would be easily motivated in producing. Other studies suggest that by increasing the amount of light on the work floor, productivity would dramatically increase, and as a result to that, increase profits can be seen and felt by the owner of the business.

There are also other ways that employers have motivated their workers that have resulted to increase productivity, an example of this motivation tool is the reward system. The reward system gives the employees a reward for every goal that he attains while on the work floor. This method has been tried and tested and has created increase profits for the employer. There are more ingenious ways in order to properly motivate an employee to increase his production rate, all that the business owner or manager has to do is find that perfect motivation tool that would properly motivate the employee and wait for the increase in income.

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