Small Businesses Reluctant to Go Mobile

Small Businesses Reluctant to Go Mobile
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Although mobile marketing has long been deemed as the future, and even the present, of marketing, it seems like small businesses are not that eager to adapt mobile marketing strategies. This is in the midst of so many mobile marketing activities that have been tailored to work for small businesses. However, only a few have put these strategies to work according to the Small Business Success Index released by the Network Solutions and the University of Maryland.

This is not to say though that small businesses do not know about any of these mobile marketing strategies. Dissemination of information pertaining to these mobile marketing strategies have been effective and almost every entrepreneur knows about the existence of such strategies. In fact, 73 percent of small businesses know about utilizing text messages for marketing and 68 percent know about placing listings on location-based websites. But despite this, only a few small businesses have actually used these resources.

So what’s the deal? The January 2011 Index reveals that only 15 percent of proprietors of small businesses feel that the use of mobile marketing is “extremely” or “very valuable” to their business. At the same time, only 20 percent of the respondents feel that mobile marketing is “somewhat” valuable. Although this might be the opinions of small business owners, their opinions are contrary to what the recent statistics relating to the use and effectiveness of mobile marketing have revealed.


But for those small businesses which make use of mobile marketing strategies, the most utilized activity is posting listings on location-based websites. Almost 19 percent of respondents have reported of using the said activity. This is followed by the use of text messaging which is utilized by 9 percent of respondents while 7 percent have been making use of mobile websites.

Businesses who get hold of the recent findings of the 2011 Index should feel all the more encouraged to make use of mobile marketing strategies. This is because it more and more consumers have been subscribing to these activities. A small business’ entry in a mobile marketing avenue which is not yet filled with so many competing businesses will only give the said business a bold advantage. The convenience of having a mobile website which busy customers can access wherever and whenever coupled with the growing number of smart phone owners is enough reason for small businesses to invest in mobile marketing strategies as early as now.

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