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Customer Service Problems Solved!

Just as looking at something under a microscope can reveal unexpected details, looking at your business in a similar way can also reveal some surprises! When was the last time you took a close look at how you are handling customer service issues? What are some common problems that don’t get handled properly?

Untrained Staff

Whether you own a small business or you are the supervisor of an army of employees, there has to be customer service training. If training has been neglected, how can it be addressed? For one thing, make customer service training part of your staff meetings. Customer service phone skills and person to person skills must be developed and maintained on a regular basis. Applying this suggestion will lead to a noticeable change in how your people treat your customers.


In the past, when customers were dissatisfied, they could waltz right into the storefront and speak with the owner face to face. This isn’t so common today, however. Businesses often lean toward having their “space” away from the client as much as possible. How can you strike a balance in your company? Look for ways to keep your business “human.” Your client needs reassured that doing business with you is the right decision. Make it easy for them to speak to someone who can provide that reassurance.

Not Keeping Promises

Promises are easy to make – and even easier to break. And this leads to a very unhappy customer! So before you make your next promise ask yourself, “Am I being realistic? Can I keep this promise?” You should be able to proudly state on your customer service resume that you excel in customer satisfaction. By keeping your promises to clients, you can honestly do so. And if, on a rare occasion, a promise must go unfulfilled, say that you are sorry without hesitation.

So, remember to look at your business under a microscope from time to time. You may see things you have overlooked. If it is lack of training, broken promises, or inaccessibility, identify it and correct it. Your clients will love you for it!

Breaking Down the Essentials of the Online Advertising Medium

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The internet accounts for more than one third of every American’s daily media use. With each consumer spending roughly 4 hours glued to their internet, it is no wonder that the world wide web has evolved into becoming the most powerful online advertising medium today.

As advertising plays a critical role in marketing your products, it is essential that you recognize and understand how you can make your online presence grow to reach your target audiences.

Online Advertising Do’s

1.Search engine optimization – this is currently one of the most trusted methods for pushing traffic to your website. By establishing your strong presence in search engines, you get more exposure for your company. Before deciding on an SEO plan, it is best that you take the time to meet and discuss with reputable Oklahoma City SEO consultants to know your options.

2.Pay per click services – perhaps one of the more traditional forms of online advertising today, pay per click ads requires you to pay a specific amount to service providers in return for your company’s exposure. Critical to its success is your strategic identification of providers to partner with. As such, it is best to consult with Oklahoma PPC consultants to maximize your investment.

Basic Marketing Tips

1.Begin with local marketing efforts – growing a business takes time and as you try to penetrate the dynamic world of the internet, it is best to first stay focused on key localities that are especially important for your business.

2.Building your website – Key to engaging your audience is to build a strong, informative and creative website that will entice your potential clients. Make sure that you consistently update your website’s content and ensure that they stay relevant, brief and easy to understand.

3.Bond with your customers – though you will never meet your clients face to face, it is still important to establish a good rapport with them to strengthen your relationship. This, not only encourages loyalty but is also a good tool to boost positive word of mouth for your company.

The Features of Binding Edinburgh

The process of putting together different forms of pages and assembling them into one single unit so that it can be referred to as and when required is called binding. Binding Edinburgh style is gaining a lot of prominence these days. There are different forms of binding that are available in Binding Edinburgh style. The art of binding is something that has been inherited from India.

In ancient times, people made use of the barks of tree or leaves to make notes of any incidents that were of historical importance. They were also used for documenting events that have shaped what we now call the past. The leaves were first dried and then painted with color post which the required documentation was made onto the leaves. Once this was done, the bark of a tree was used as a cover for the leaves in order to protect them from any damage. The leaves were pulled together with the help of a thread. With the evolution of time and technology we have moved into a much sophisticated form of binding. In this article you will become familiar with the various forms of Binding Edinburgh style and also the importance of these types of bindings.

One of the most prominent types of binding is the Hardcover Binding. In this type of binding the book is covered with a hard cover that is rigid to protect the pages of the book. The book is stitched through the spine. If you were to be able to open the book in the middle the stitches are clearly visible. This type of Binding Edinburgh style is commonly used for large and heavy books that have a higher number of pages. A number of vendors in Edinburgh who provide this service usually take orders which are at an institutional level. The books that bound using this style or form of binding have shown longer durability than the others. Earlier when the hardcover binding was done, the name of the book or title was mentioned by using a pen on the front page of the book. However, with the advent of technology the name of the book is now printed on the spine of the book, which makes it very easy to browse if you are looking for a particular kind of book when the selection range is huge. Although this kind of Binding Edinburgh style has gained a lot of importance, it is crucial to understand that if the stitching is not done with proper care it can result in the pages of the book getting separated.

A number of institutions in Edinburgh show a great amount of inclination for this type of binding. However, there has been a noted decrease in the number of people who want this type of binding the reason being that a number of institutions are now having a number of digital libraries. Binding Edinburgh style has gained a lot of prominence amongst the general public; there are a number of vendors who provide this service at different prices.

Online Marketing Strategies – How to Lead A Successful Campaign?

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Affiliate marketing is one of the most common online marketing strategies. It consists of promoting others products and getting paid a commission for every accomplished sale. Depending on the offer, the affiliate can earn up to 30% of the value of the product. It seems lucrative, but it’s not that easy. Here is quick guide on how to lead your marketing campaign as an affiliate:


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3 Best Types Of Performance Appraisal Methods

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The three best types of performance appraisal methods are 360° feedback, management by objectives and using ratings scales. In this article, I’ll show you the advantages and disadvantages of each method and what types of company they are best applied to.

360° feedback is a common approach used by small companies and consultancy firms. It involves managers interviewing peers, supervisors, direct reports, clients, etc. who have had and interaction with the employee (who is being assessed). These interviews need to be quite formal and focus in on a couple of key traits such as productivity, leadership, professionalism, etc. The real setback of this technique however is the volume of interviews can make this a very time-consuming task. It should however give you a better picture of how the individual is performing over the duration of the year and what type of productivity improvement ideas may be required for under-performing staff.

Management by objectives has been used since the 1950s to clearly set out goals for employees their expected to achieve within the appraisal here. These types of performance appraisal methods focus on setting clear, measurable, achievable goals which need to be successfully hit by a specific date in order to be deemed successful. Managers of sales staff are particularly fond of this approach as it allows them to set specific sales targets. The employees also feel they have more involvement in the collaborative nature of this approach and the opportunity it provides to set their own goals.

The use of ratings scales is something quite similar to how grades are applied within schools. Companies have to develop their own in-depth grading system for evaluating employees based on a number of different factors (teamwork, motivation, timeliness, etc.). This works really well in larger companies or long-established firms with well-established operational procedures which can easily be graded. This technique is also very effective at comparing the performance of various employees in a standardized and consistent manner.

5 Must-Have Affiliate Marketing Tools All Newbies Need

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When new affiliate marketers first start out online, there is a lot to learn. It’s not uncommon to become overwhelmed with everything you try to take in. Some things are not necessary to waste your time on or learn in the beginning, but there are certain must-have internet marketing tools every beginner needs. Once you’ve mastered these tools, you can move on to something new.

A Solid Business Plan

In order to be successful online, you must have a clear idea of what your affiliate business is, where you want it to go, and who your target market will be. You must determine the costs involved, and how much time everything will take. The more you can see your affiliate business in your mind, the better you will be at following through with what needs to be done.

Your Own Website

While it may not be necessary for some affiliate marketing businesses, it is always advisable to start your own website to build an online business presence. You can start your own branding, blog, and use your hosting account to store files that may be useful in the future. It is not expensive to maintain your own website. On average, a domain costs just $10-$15 a year, and a hosting account (where your files live) will run you about $10 per month.

Keyword Research Tools

These tools will allow you to find the most relevant keywords in your niche, and when used properly, can mean either you earn extra money or you make no commissions at all. You can find free sources online like the Wordtracker’s free keyword tool, or Google’s Adwords tool. Once you learn more about what to track and look for in keywords, you may want to invest in a more sophisticated solution like the Market Samurai or Micro Niche Finder.


If you want to grow your business, make more sales and profits, and build a solid customer base, then you need to invest in an autoresponder service. With an email management system like Aweber, you can easily build a list of subscribers by offering a free gift such as a special report or ebook. Once they’ve subscribed, you can build on the relationship by sending them weekly newsletters containing product updates, discounts, new free resources you found, your blog updates, or anything else that may interest them.

Ad Tracking Software

Ad trackers allow you to test and refine your marketing strategy by keeping track of which ads bring traffic to your site. You can buy a membership to an ad tracking company like Hits Connect, or you can purchase your own software and install it either on your computer or on your hosting server. For new marketers, it may be easier to just sign up and leave the install to the pros. Whichever method you choose, ad tracking is a powerful tool in your arsenal, and one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

There are dozens – perhaps hundreds – of other tools you can and should learn to use as your business grows. Online shopping carts, task management solutions, and payment processors may all become necessary in the future, but without these five must-have affiliate Internet marketing tools, no online business will succeed for long.

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