Small Business and Pallet Racking

Small Business and Pallet Racking

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Pallet racking is the framework that is set up within a warehousing facility for pallets to be set on. No matter what size of business someone has there is a need for this type of racking if material or products are delivered on pallets. Small businesses may only have a 60’x60′ warehouse plus a yard, but pallets may be four or five rows high within these areas.

Pallet racking mainly consists of upright columns and horizontal load baring beams. Then on top of the load beams are spaces for the pallets to sit. For protection most warehouses have wire meshing or wire decking on top of each shelf. Solid decking is also seen, but not as highly regarded as the wire mesh. Solid decking is superior in weight distribution across the surface of the shelf, but wire allows for water to reach various levels of the shelves if a fire occurred.

Depending on the weight of the items usually handled by a store or  are two kinds of small business pallet racking to choose from. The selective pallet racking is used for less dense materials. This style has clips instead of bolts to hold each beam into place. Tear drop shaped holes in the upright column allows for adjustment of the shelf heights for various sized objects.

The second kind is structural pallet racks. This style is designed to hold very heavy objects. The columns and load beams are bolted together. These shelves are not adjustable.

Most pallet racks are 42″ wide and the pallets are 48″. The thinking behind the narrower pallet rack is that the frame of the pallet will only rest on the beams instead of the decking. Columns are spaced a double width of a pallet, or 96″ apart. This allows for two to be lined up next to each other.

For a small animal supply business a fork lift, small warehouse, and open yard worked well for them. Objects such as hay mangers, horse stall mats, water troughs, dog kennels, and fencing were stored outside. Inside of the warehouse the horse feed, pet food, bird seed, wood pellets, shavings, and other perishable goods were stored. The yard was paved so that the small wheeled forklift could run inside or outside. The ends of the columns inside were protected with bumpers or guards. This kept the shelving from getting damaged in the case that the forklift or a customer bumped into them or ran over them. Pallet racking make it easy and efficient for the store to fill customer orders, keep track of what was on hand, and also to reach the high levels of the racks.

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