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If you are just getting into the world of business, or are an experienced professional, a fantastic source of knowledge can be had by seeing what famous motivational speakers have to say. x Such people come from a wide variety of fields but they all share something-this is the ability to give you insight so you can make your own goals easier to achieve, along with a more positive frame of mind in regards to what you are trying to do.


Some of these speakers you may have already heard of, such as Dale Carnegie. He, along with others, teaches that attaining one’s goals often coincide with having a positive view of yourself. Viewing yourself in a good light, and also enjoying your work, and what you do, are keys to obtaining success.

Carnegie was an expert salesman, and he knew how to influence people using a variety of tactics. Some think he is one of the first to employ guerilla marketing ideas. This means combining a firm selling approach with practical application, and using careful planning.

This technique is well named, for although there is no actual violence in sales, it is a highly competitive industry, and people in it want to succeed using whatever means they have at their disposal.

Sometimes people who have already done what we are trying to do can offer valuable advice. They can help us avoid stagnation, and offer creative or innovative solutions to our problems. Sometimes we need a little nudge from someone who has done this previously, and a little encouragement from an expert might be just the thing we want.

People who have mastered success like famous motivational speakers have a lot of teach us. We should be grateful that they are willing to impart their knowledge with us, and that we can learn from their trails and mistakes.

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