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Decisions Which Can Greatly Affect Your Chances for Success While Using Vinyl Banners for Advertising

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Photo by Francis Storr

We venture to have a look at three decisions which can greatly affect your chances for success while using vinyl banners for advertising. The inference is that these are decisions you need to make very carefully: knowing that the success of your vinyl banner advertising campaign depends on what you choose to do in each respect. Simply put, if you get these three things right, you may end up being very successful in the use of vinyl banners for advertising. And conversely, if you get these three things wrong, your banner advertising campaigns may end up being complete flops.

The three decisions which can greatly affect your chances for success while using vinyl banners for adverting include the one as to:

The colors to be used on the banners. The way these custom signs work is such that at least two colors have to be used. Those would be (in the most basic, two-color banner), the background color borne by the banner sheet and the foreground color, used on the graphics or text depicted on the banner. But in most cases, more than two colors actually end up being used in banners.

The most important decisions you will have to make here will be on the specific colors to be used, and the respective intensities of those colors to be used. This, of course, includes also the decision on the color of banners to be procured: as that ends up being the background color.

Much can be said about this whole affair but it all boils down to one thing: seeing to it that you use the right colors which attract, rather than repelling the viewers.
The words (and graphics) to be used on the banners. It is not always that words are used in vinyl banners. Sometimes, well appointed graphics may suffice. What is important in all cases, though, is to ensure that you understand the psychology of your target audience keenly, and you are therefore aware of what may catch their attention easily. This is because you first of all have to catch your banner audience’s attention, and the deliver your advertising message (with just the right ‘punch’) to that audience.

You need to keep it in mind that the communication process in these cases is usually one where various questions arise the moment people’s attentions are caught by banners. Those would be questions as to what the banners are really all about, what it costs, how it can help them (the viewers), what they need to do to actually benefit from it.. and so on. Your wordage then should provide instant answers to these questions: keeping in mind that when all is said and done, the banner is likely to be given just a few second’s attention – whatever its merits.

The way and time the banners are to be displayed. Here, we face a problematic situation where most people prefer acting on novel messages (rather than ‘stale’ messages), but where, at the same time, most people need to have some time to make decisions. Those would be, for instance, decisions to buy new products or to attend events (depending on what the banners are all about). Ultimately, you need to make the decision on when to display the banners in such away that the banners come up at just the right time: giving people the time to make decisions on whatever you are advertising, but within a timeframe when the message is still ‘novel.’

With respect to the way the banners are displayed, it should be such that they get the best possible exposure, without, at the same time, making the targeted viewers feel as if the messages on the banners are being ‘forced’ onto their psyches.

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