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Event Marketing: What You Need to Know

When it comes to marketing strategies, event marketing oftentimes becomes overlooked. But if you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to market your business, product or service, event marketing can be very effective.
Some companies overlook event marketing because it seems like too hard of a process or because they have no idea where to begin. When you’re equipped with the right knowledge, though, event marketing can become an asset to your strategy and a great and effective way to reach your audience. The following are eight tips for event marketing.


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Discover 4 Secrets of Business Card Design

The one thing the Internet has changed however, is the way we design these business cards. Audiences have become increasingly lazy, and influenced on a ‘first impressions’ basis. Here’s what you need to know about Business Card Design.

Business Card Design

If your card doesn’t wow them straight away, chances are it’ll end up in the bin. We still use business cards to secure a sale or enquiry, and we always want to make the best possible impression.

So what are the secrets to designing a winning business card?

Business Card Design: Photos

We all know how fast-paced modern business is. There is no guarantee that after you hand over your business card, the recipient will remember you. Especially if you were at a networking event or trade show. The easiest way to help ensure your card is always linked back to you is to include a photo.

A simple head and shoulders shot will do, showing you in professional attire with a smile. Don’t include images from your latest night out; you need to look professional and convince the recipient you’re the right person to do business with.

Change the Shape

Business cards are traditionally a landscape orientated rectangle. Switch up the shape and you instantly make an impact. Something as simple as changing it to a portrait card can really make a difference.

If you’re looking to pack an even bigger punch, use die-cutting to completely transform the shape. For example, if you make or sell women’s clothing consider using a dress or shoe shaped card. This instantly reinforces what you do and makes your card stand out.


Companies such as McDonalds are instantly recognizable by their unique and memorable corporate branding. While you may not be as big as the fast-food retailer, you should follow suit in terms of company identity. Make sure your company colours and logo are prominent on the card so everyone knows who you are.

Depending on your colour scheme, you could deviate from the normal white background and inject some colour into the card. It’s important to make sure your colours work as well in print as they do on screen before you hand out your cards. You want to be remembered for a winning business card, not a bad one.

QR Codes

Bring your business card bang up to date by including a QR code. The space on a business card is limited, so you can offer recipients a little bit more with this simple code. They simply scan it using their smart phone and can be directed to anything from a website to unique video content.

Your business card should be an extension of your business, and needs to accurately reflect you as a company. But you also want to stand out and be remembered more than the next business. Make sure you prove why your customers should come to you instead of a competitor. Show off your personality and creativity in an instant.

Charterprint offer competitive design and printing rates for your companies business cards. Visit their website,, for more information.

The Penguin Update and Requests for Link Removals

Recent Google Penguin Update – Who Cares

Penguin Update photo
Photo by Zoekmachine Marketing Bureau

So there has been a recent Google algorithm Penguin update that is supposed to penalize sites if they have links from questionable sites or sites that contain content that is not relevant to the link. But wait, there are 100,000 sites that have been doing link building for the past 10 years that have these kinds of links. So Google is going to penalize 100,000 sites? Probably not. And what if your competition places links like this one on some site that you don’t want, didn’t request, and you are now penalized for? Google is going to manually disregard all link spam that you report? I don’t think they have the engineers to manually block hundreds of link spam links.

Webmaster Requests Daily and the $15 Charge – The Penguin Update

Since the update, I have been receiving 3-4 requests a day to remove links from articles and even comments. Here’s the thing, I didn’t place a single one of the links. Some spammy SEO guy submitted an article or left a comment and I was nice enough not to remove it. But now Big Google is going to penalize all your spammy practices and I have to be a nice guy again and remove the links for you. Well, I am charging $15. And every webmaster should charge $15 a link. First it takes us time to remove the links. Second we don’t know if the true author is making the request, so a fake author isn’t going to pay the charge. And third, the spammers need to pay up for once.

Cheap Spammers Don’t want to Clean Up the Mess they Created

So most of the spam writers just ignore my suggestion that they pay me $15 but every once in a while I get one that responds back and is upset that his/her spam is now costing them cold hard cash. They even make some threat that Google is going to penalize me, blah blah blah. The fact is that Google hasn’t given my sites any decent traffic since about 24 updates ago. Thank goodness for Bing, Yahoo, Social Media, Pintrest, and Stumble Upon. So join the Who Cares about Google party, pay me $15, or create some non-spam links to offset what you consider to be spam.

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