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Obtaining Free Business Cards Online

Obtaining Free Business Cards Online

If you operate any kind of money making venture and need to promote yourself and your company at networking events, there are a number of online resources for you to obtain free business cards with little to no shipping fees. Vista Print and 123Prints are two of the more popular services.

At Vista Print you can obtain 250 free business cards which you design online using a nice graphical tool and many predefined styles. 123Prints also has similar services but your free order is for only 30 cards. Shipping and handling will costs between $4 and $5 within the US. There are many upgrades which will cost additional amounts, but if you decline all the extras, the basic cards are free. One of the upgrades for example is to have additional text on the back of the card. If you do not purchase this upgrade, your cards will have the name of the printing company on the back.

Other options in obtaining free business cards include visiting your local print shops and requesting free business card designs. Most will print 10-20 cards for you as a sample which you can then use for your networking and marketing needs. Visit as many as possible to gather a good number of cards. Also search the Internet for free business cards, as a number of additional companies, besides the ones mentioned here, provide the service.

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Empower Your Social Media Tenfold with Free Business Cards from VistaPrint

Empower Your Social Media Tenfold with Free Business Cards from VistaPrint

Everything from Facebook to Digg has revamped the way small businesses do business. Spending time tweeting and book marking can actually help you to launch your career especially if you get in social circles and social media groups that are targeted to your profession. Once you get there, professionals find that it can be difficult to get and stay noticed especially if you don’t have a design team working behind the scenes.

Vistaprint has the small businessperson covered and can offer everything from polished free business cards to website ideas and logos that will get you noticed. Turnaround times surpass those high-end print companies and with online design templates and ideas, they are revolutionizing the way professionals tweet, digg and Book their Face. Vista print realizes that your contact list is growing in more ways than one and makes it easy to increase your power in the social media circle for just a few bucks! 250 business cards (downloadable even) are free and you can easily brand your name and contacts so that everyone online and otherwise knows how to reach you when they need you the most.

How to go From a Simple Mom & Pop Business to Thriving Professional in Less than 10 minutes (For less than $10)

How to go From a Simple Mom & Pop Business to Thriving Professional in Less than 10 minutes (For less than $10)

Every company is cutting corners these days. Unfortunately, taking chances on your image can cost you customers. Vistaprint the leader in online pintables’ for personal and professional use stays true to their promise to offer the best for less by giving new customers 250 business cards for free.

Unlike other online or professional print services, Vistaprint continues to add new styles and options that allow user to fully customize their business cards and add some spark to their business profile for not a lot of money. Business cards are just the tip of the iceberg and Vistaprint offers dozens of other products that can help you market your business without bottoming out your budget. Make 2010 the year your business flourishes and use the professional design services at VistaPrint to create truly professional documents that will have your company standing out in a crowd.

Make More Profits By Using A Niche Marketing Strategy

Make More Profits By Using A Niche Marketing Strategy

Some business owners tend to be clueless on how to initiate and execute a niche marketing strategy. The most likely reason is that most business people think that it is better to promote products to as many people as possible than cater to a specific group of people. That surely sounds like good business sense, but it actually results in huge advertising losses and promotional expenses with very little results.

To aid you in understanding how a niche marketing strategy really works, let us discuss the thought a little bit more. Assuming that you are marketer of high-ticket skin care products, let’s use that example:

At this point, you may be thinking that offering your product should be offered to every woman that comes your way. To tell you the truth, that would be a grave mistake. You will end up chasing prospects and customers who have no current need for the products you offer and can’t afford it. A better approach is to market to those women who want and need the product now, and can afford it.

When you spend less hours and time on people who are not "qualified" to buy, and instead focus on those people who have a need for, can afford, and are willing to buy your product, your sales ratio will increase and you’ll get more results.

Niche Marketing

The concept described above is called niche marketing. First, you define your specific niche and then focus all your efforts on that niche. As shown in the example above, the likelihood of succeeding in your business goes up when you use a niche marketing strategy. As an additional benefit, you also tend to spend less time and money on advertising when you target the right niche.

Strategy is Key

The key for a good niche marketing strategy is to find the type of people who have money, need, desire, and urgency to buy your product. To do that, you need to start a little market research using various useful online tools to gain the much needed reconnaissance.

At this point, you might be thinking:  “Niche marketing sounds good but I think my product has general appeal to the public. I don’t want to put a limit on my marketing scope"

That’s a valid concern. Your product or service may be able to serve people in various industries, age groups, and income levels. If that’s the case, congratulations. However, I still recommend niche marketing as the most viable marketing strategy. Here’s the reason:

Positive Marketing Results

Niche marketing strategy is more preferable because it allows you to gain more sales and positive marketing results, at a lower expense. After gaining some kind success in a small niche, you may choose to expand your marketing efforts to other niches and may even go nationwide or worldwide. This is a safer path to getting rich. Instead of taking on the whole world at once, why not dominate a certain niche first?

If you think that niche marketing won’t lead you to the success that you have always dreamed of, then think twice. As in any field of expertise, it is important to succeed one step at a time, Work in a single niche first, then gain a positive reputation in that specific field. Once you experience initial success, that’s the time to expand to other markets.

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