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Vistaprint Provides Recycled Paper Options

Vistaprint Provides Recycled Paper Options

Vistaprint announced today that they are providing recycled paper options for business cards, postcards, and oversized postcards on 20 of their worldwide web sites. Eco-friendly business owners can create and print the great marketing materials they have always found with Vistaprint and help protect the environment at the same time.

Customers of the low-cost business printing supplier have been asking for recycled paper for their orders for some time and now they can get great quality at an affordable price and be conscience of the environment. The company wanted the best paper stock and choose a product that is better than industry norms. The stock is as close to the standard paper stock as possible. Look for the option when you order your 250 free business cards today.

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Obtaining Free Business Cards Online

Obtaining Free Business Cards Online

If you operate any kind of money making venture and need to promote yourself and your company at networking events, there are a number of online resources for you to obtain free business cards with little to no shipping fees. Vista Print and 123Prints are two of the more popular services.

At Vista Print you can obtain 250 free business cards which you design online using a nice graphical tool and many predefined styles. 123Prints also has similar services but your free order is for only 30 cards. Shipping and handling will costs between $4 and $5 within the US. There are many upgrades which will cost additional amounts, but if you decline all the extras, the basic cards are free. One of the upgrades for example is to have additional text on the back of the card. If you do not purchase this upgrade, your cards will have the name of the printing company on the back.

Other options in obtaining free business cards include visiting your local print shops and requesting free business card designs. Most will print 10-20 cards for you as a sample which you can then use for your networking and marketing needs. Visit as many as possible to gather a good number of cards. Also search the Internet for free business cards, as a number of additional companies, besides the ones mentioned here, provide the service.

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