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Selling Your Business Services Online

If you are one of the ones hoping to make money from home because of the bad economy, you have a lot of decisions ahead of you. There are quite a lot of options and most people gravitate toward doing something online since it is so convenient.

In the past, women have started home businesses that have had nothing to do with the Internet. Things like a cooking and catering business, a daycare business, and anything else they can do that will supply a service for a need in their community. They have gotten business by word of mouth and advertising they put on bulletin boards and classified ads.

Now though, there is a another way to have your money making idea come to life and that is with the help of the Internet. Even if you have or want one of those traditional home businesses just mentioned, your best bet to get clients is via the Internet. Setting up a blog or website about your business and actively promoting on Facebook, Twitter, and actively promoting your site is bound to give you more clients than ever before.

People have now become very comfortable with the Internet. Many people do a large portion of their buying online and it is where more and more folks go to find all the information they are seeking. Giving your business an Internet presence is the smart thing to do in 2010.

For those who don’t have a specific business idea, there are many ways to make money online and one of the best is to do freelance work. If you have a talent or a skill that you can do for other people and deliver it to them online, you are in a perfect situation to make money. The Web has connected the world and it has allowed writers, artists, designers, and other creative minded people to sell their services online.

Don’t Forget Business Cards for Offline Marketing

Don’t Forget Business Cards for Offline Marketing

Entrepreneurs today might contemplate only using online marketing to promote their product or service. With websites, blogs, social networks, micro-blogging, and social bookmarking sites very popular, marketing offline might be a thing of the past. Overnight Prints does not want you to forget that offline marketing is still very important for your business.

Producing leads by passing out your business card at networking functions is still a very powerful way to prospect. The interaction at an offline event can lead to better relationships and more sales. And an individual can present other members of their company at networking events when they do not provide the service a newly encountered prospect is seeking.

A business card can present many things about a company and an individual. It can demonstrate professionalism, seriousness, creativity and uniqueness.

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Business Cards in a Social Media World

Business Cards in a Social Media World

With new applications online like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, is it still necessary to carry and hand out business cards? My first thought is absolutely. Why would anyone want to miss out on an opportunity to network by not passing out business cards to new acquaintances. But maybe there’s a way to allow people to contact you without a business card.

If you are in front of the group at anytime during a meeting, start by giving out your Twitter username, Facebook page, Linked In username, email address, and website URL. This could save you time meeting with many individuals who are seeking your contact information only. And make sure to have all this information present on your business card when you do present it to others.

Twitter Lists allow you to group people based on events or interests. So if you meet 10 people at a lunch networking group this week, get their Twitter names and add them all to a Twitter list. Many cell phone applications are incorporating Twitter lists into their Twitter applications, so you can find the people quickly on your mobile when needed. This is a nice replacement for the traditional rolodex.

Make you Facebook page url available on the group’s or event’s website. People can easily friend you this way and stay in contact long after the event has ended. Post weekly on your Facebook wall to keep everyone informed on your current status and project plans.

These social media applications should replace your rolodex if not your business cards all together.

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