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Top 3 Project Management Diploma Course Options


The goal of attending any type of project management diploma is to find your own career and provide you with the skills necessary to manage all types of projects. This article goes through the three main types of course options available to you, each of which can to suit different types of individuals.

A Projects Management Institute (PMI) diploma is best suited to individuals who want a broad management skill set. This diploma is internationally recognized so you can also travel with this type of certification. The skills learned apply to just about any type of industry, from software to hotel management, and any type of project, from creating a marketing research proposal to delivering a software solution. The only real disadvantage of this program is the fact that there may not be a training center close to where you are.

If PMI training centers are not available then often individuals will choose a university degree course. This provides a great way of interacting with fellow students over a longer period of time. You also have some additional subjects which may specialize in specific industries (e.g. technology). The only downside would be the possibility of the course not being as applicable to all different types of industries. Some colleges even run part-time/night courses so you can work the same time.

Lastly, online project management diploma courses are now widely available thanks to the Internet and faster broadband speeds. Students can study at their own pace watching webinars of college lecturers. You do however have to make sure to choose a program being provided by a reputable university (many of the larger colleges now provide online versions of their real-world courses). The big advantage with these programs is the lower cost involved and the opportunity to get project management certification from one of the bigger universities in the country.

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