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From Cafepress Reviews 2007 To Cafepress Today

A Look at Cafepress Reviews

If you’ve been keeping up since the beginning you are aware that I found a way to make money online back in 2007 with Cafepress. While I wasn’t convinced you could make enough money to quit your day job, it turned out to be a fairly reliable source for creating some passive income after you got the shop set up. If you need a little extra beer money, or money on your bills, Cafepress would work.


Even though I’ll be adding updates to them, you can still read Part 1 and Part 2 of my series on making money with Cafepress. I think it’s a little funny that I am creating this post the next day after discussing how greedy entrepreneurs are already set to fail. Whey do I think that’s funny? Because failure is exactly where I believe Cafepress is headed.

Cafepress Reviews
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The Reasons for NOT Trying to Make Money Using Cafepress (Part 1/2)

I am using a sort of ‘star wars’ approach to this by beginning at the ending. I just had to prove how making money with Cafepress was possible before I could prove you shouldn’t. Am I right? Well, we all know that’s not entirely accurate. So I apologize if you happened to read my articles and immediately took action. I commend you on your determination though, and admire your drive. However, I have a commitment to reporting all the realities involved.

You are probably wondering why now I’m saying that you SHOULDN’T use Cafepress to make money. Well, back in the day it was different. It really was a good source for passive income. I certainly hope nobody actually quit their job and put all their responsibilities on what they could earn from Cafepress.

What ruined Cafepress was greediness, pure and simple. That’s what brought them down. How do I know? Well, these last two months are the first two months since I began my store back in 2007, that I made NO sales. This is a first since 2007. So I researched it and became aware of the facts and saw it for what it was – greed.

I am actively pulling my Cafepress accounts and closing my failing business. One reason is because once they see these posts I’ve written they’ll cancel me out anyway. Plus I’m thinking of moving my designs over to Zazzle.com, but I’m still researching that and not making any recommendations as of yet. I just wanted to let everybody know why I changed my mind after all the good things I had to say before. I think people should know the truth, and sometimes that takes some updating. So there you have it my honest Cafepress Reviews.

Make Money Online – Two Honest Ways

Everyone is rightly cynical about all the guru-type emails you get filling your inbox. Their schemes are like pyramid schemes. The guy at the top makes money by selling you a scheme that basically consists of selling the scheme to others. The guy at the top has the contacts and money to keep selling even after he has sold it to you. You would never have a chance of making a sale with the “experts” still selling.


This cynicism often extends to all things Internet related. This is not justified. There are ways to genuinely make money online that do not even need you to spend a cent. These all involve work, usually writing of one kind or another.

If you can string a few sentences together you can earn enough online to pay your mortgage. You can post articles onto your own websites, but it takes a lot of work to get visitors. It is easier to make money by posting your articles onto article directory sites that give you a good percentage of the advertising income that your work brings in.

Use your know how to make a little extra money by building a local community site for the area where you live. I have done this for Glanmire where I live in County Cork, Ireland.

You can build a site with free software called WordPress. You can buy a domain name and hosting together for $17 a year. Those are your only expenses. You can tell people about your site using free newspapers, after all this is News.

If you want local businesses to be able to build a page about themselves you will need to upgrade people to “Editor”. Leave the default user status as Subscriber and upgrade people when they send you an email. If you set the default user permissions to Editor your site will soon be snowed under in porn and hate pages.

Increase Your Adsense Earnings


If you are a website publisher you most likely are aware of the biggest commodity in a publisher’s bag of tricks called Adsense. Adsense provides a way for an individual to easily monetize their website. When it is incorporated correctly, it has the potential to net a publisher a significant amount of money. At the same time, if you are not correctly utilizing Adsense and instead settling for what income you receive from it, then you are sadly ignoring a large amount of potential cash. One thing nobody intends to do. Here is a SEO tutorial to aid in boosting your Adsense earnings.

There’s no great trick to beginning to generate income using Adsense, and you’re sure to find that the money starts rolling in quite rapidly. Compose texts which intrigue your visitors and make them want to read, at the same time making certain to insert the proper buzzwords in them as you write. For those who are talented at writing, this is a great way to make money in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Keyword Search

Choose a few subjects, phrases or keywords that are rather well known. Then pick the ones which, in your opinion, most people tend to use. This is in fact a keyword selector and suggestion tool that a few sites provide to those who are merely their Adsense business.

Writing Articles

Use the keyword to find articles that are indicated by the keyword. Once you have chosen your reference article, write your own original article. Make sure that the quality of your writing is good because search engines are very particular about the quality of their articles. You should meet their requirement for a high standard in your work.

Quality Content

Develop a quality content site that is part of Adsense ads which point to the subject and keywords of your articles and websites. Every thing that you had done to begin with will go into the quality content site, and you will eventually realize its importance to you. Take great care to place your ads in the most suitable place. You should make sure that your ads are located in places where the surfers are most like to click on. Research has shown that the first place surface look up when they visit a website is the top left. No one knows why there is this preference. Perhaps this is due to the fact that most of the efficient search engine results are at the top of the rankings and visitors therefore get into the habit of looking at the same place when browse websites.

Every newcomer in the business of Adsense thinks they are doing quite well and whatever revenue their website is generating is good enough for them. But its a fact that there are many more techniques available to just double the  Adsense earnings. One can learn and use those techniques to gain more advantage in comparison to rest of the people who are still unknown to such techniques.

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