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Discovering Your Many Business Networking Options


You used to be able to run a company on your own and not have to worry about setting up business networking, but that is not really possible these days. Nowadays you need to have as much backing as possible from other companies to be able to stand up against all of your competitors. This may seem like added stress, but it’s really not if you use all of the great resources that are available to you on the internet. The best thing about it is that most of the best business networking websites are free or cost very little.

The process of business networking should always start with looking for the best options that suit your particular business so that you won’t have to backtrack later on. You can do this by looking at what others have had to say about each site. After you do that, it is best to look over the sites on your own to get a better feel for what they all offer. Once you find one that you really like, sign up and get your business noticed.

Even though meeting face to face with other business owners is a great way to develop business relationships, it is not absolutely necessary anymore now that there are so many websites that take make it easier than ever to network. Going the digital route can save you and your company a lot of money down the line and it is just flat out easier.

Business networking can be very beneficial if it is approached the correct way, which is why it is important for all business owners, both large and small, to get to know what will work for them. After a little bit of time networking on these sites, you will see that it is much easier to move forward as a company and get a lot more potential customers to see your company’s website.

Who is the biggest ecommerce company in the world?


Ecommerce is the underlying result of the new form of advertising through bulk email marketing. Email marketing can be described a direct marketing of goods and products via the Internet to the consumers. Ecommerce is the sales generated by the Internet consumption of goods. Internet sales are a global phenomenon that is taking the world by storm.

Selling goods over the Internet is a relatively new idea in the business world. In a way, ecommerce is the next logical step for companies to advertise because of the technology boom that occurred in the late 1990’s. Since this boom the sales world has gone digital. With this digitalization of the consumers, companies have adjusted their promotions and ecommerce has been steadily on the rise for year.

Today, the worldwide leader in all Internet sales is Amazon.com. Amazon.com started as a small Seattle based company that looked to become an online bookstore. Amazon caught on like wildfire and in a decade became the backbone of the Internet sales economy using bulk email software to help with its growth. This American based company made upwards of $24.5 billion dollars in 2009 alone.

Amazon.com may be setting the standard for Internet sales, but Google.com is certainly not far behind them. Though Google.com does not sell items as in the case of Amazon, it still generated $23.5 billion dollars in 2009 to become the largest competitor to Amazon.com. Google.com makes its money from advertisements and selling specific privileges to companies for top dollar.

Ecommerce is a relatively new business term. It stands for the business and economy generated by the sales of goods and services over the Internet. Amazon.com and Google.com have emerged to be the worldwide leaders in sales but other companies such as Staples and Dell are making serious money from it too. In time, all companies will have their own ecommerce divisions.

Market Analysis the Smart Way


Market Analysis
Market analysis helps organizations define who their customers and prospects are, and what they want from the organization.  Typical elements include:  market size, market growth rate, market profitability, industry cost structure, distribution channels, market trends, and key success factors.

This sounds easy enough, but what many organizations are finding is that not all customers are created equal. In a typical customer database, there’s a bell curve happening with some customers delivering much more value to the organization on one end – and some customers delivering very little value to the organization on the other (or even costing the organization money).

So using a simple, equitable definition of customer often masks the true story. What organizations are increasingly doing is refining their definition of their most valuable customer. Although the specific metrics differ from industry to industry, and often even within industries – the driving motivator is the same: identify and define the metrics for lifetime value of a customer, and then find more prospects who match that specific target set who are most likely to become valuable customers in the future and communicate with them across marketing and advertising channels in an integrated way.

Market Analysis – Build your Prospect List

Two critical, but often overlooked, data inputs into an accurate market analysis are a way to build an accurate, detailed prospect universe, and then a simple way to evaluate thousands of media vehicles for “best fit”.

Welcome to the LogicLab Media Marketplace:

  • As an integral part of the process, Merkle Inc’s National Consumer Database (with thousands of variables about 98% of the adult population in the US), LogicLab creates a prospect universe from the client’s very specific target set definition.
  • Then the LogicLab mediaLibrary provides on-demand access to evaluate thousands of media vehicles across channels to create a list of the vehicles most likely to deliver that specifically defined target set

LogicLab: the future of media planning and buying in market analysis.

The Importance of Having the Right Internet Business Tools


When you are building an Internet business it is important for you to have the right Internet business tools in order to be successful. There have been a lot of people who have tried to build their own business online without investing in the tools to make them successful. With every business that you start there is a certain investment that must be made. No matter if you are starting an online business or an offline business you will have to invest something in order for that business to be successful. When you are running a business on the Internet it is crucial that you have the right tools to ensure your success.

There are a lot of different tools that you are going to need to have in your Internet home business toolbox so that you will be able to use them to gain an edge on the competition. When you build a website you cannot simply let it sit stagnate and hope that people find it and visit it. In order to have the most success you have to go out and look for the people and bring them into your business. These are the same principles that are used with any business that physically exists to gain business. There are a lot of different ways that you will want to know how to find the right people who are interested in your product or service.

When you make an investment in the tools that you are going to need to run your Internet business you will be able to do a lot of things that the people who do not invest in the right tools are not able to do. You will be able to do keyword analysis, which is how you find out what people are searching for in the search engine. You will be able to build links back to your website, which is how you let Google know that your site is important and should be ranked high. There are a lot of other things that you will be able to do as well when you find out which tools are important.

Having the right tools to run your Internet business is very important. You will want to make sure that if you currently have an online business or are thinking about starting one you invest in the tools that will lead to your success. When you have the right Internet business tools you will be able to run your business smoothly and successfully.

5 Free Online Resources to Help You Manage Projects


Without careful planning, and organization, completing a project can be almost impossible. There are a lot of difference aspects to consider when undertaking a project. Delegating tasks, meeting deadlines, budgeting, and general management of the overall project, are just a few. There are lots of resources available to help a project manager successfully complete a project; you just have to know where to look. Here are 5 free online resources to help any project manager successfully manage their projects.

The Free Management Library

This online library is easy to use, and is loaded with all kinds of different information that can help anyone manage any project no matter how big or small, simple or complex. Learn how to manage your team members, and others you come in contact with. There are approximately 650 topics, and 5,000 links to choose from. Get help starting, developing, and staying on course with your project. Find tips on how to deal with problems that may arise. Each topic has a subtopic so you can get a quick idea if the information is relevant to you and the project you’re managing.



Businessballs can help a project manager learn to make the best possible use out of their time, effectively delegate tasks, successfully communicate with their team members, accurately oversee the project, and much more. Learn to set realistic goals, and clear-cut ways to reach them. Find out how to oversee your project from finish to end, and how to delegate authority within your team, if applicable. Businessballs is a great free online resource for any project.



This online resource is two-fold in that there are some features that are free, and if you want to upgrade, you can pay a little out-of-pocket, and have access to more. The free features include lots of different templates that can be utilized for managing your projects, and a blog where you can glean a host of information. Check out the free templates and the blog. Lots of good stuff to be found here.

Method 123

One of the best things you can do to successfully manage your project is to be organized. Method 123 has an assortment of free templates that can help you successfully manage your project and stay organized. There’s also a variety of newsletters, and articles, that cover different topics regarding many aspects of managing projects. There’s lots of tips and hints from those who have been in your shoes, and know-how to transition a project from beginning to end.



Max’s is a huge site that is literally loaded with so much information on managing projects it’s hard not to become overwhelmed. Find information on everything from project costs, time management, and scope all the way to risk management, task descriptions and public relations. Max’s has a lot of information that you can utilize from the beginning of the project all the way to its successful end.


A popular freelance writer, Trudi Buck, writes about how to look for an online masters in project management.

Buying A Business


If you are contemplating the option of purchasing a business or finding a business to invest in then you need to make a fundamental decision from the start.  If you get this confused then you are in for a very unhappy time.  The basic question is, “What role do you see yourself playing in the day to day operation of the business you are looking to purchase or sink your money in?”  This question is really basic to deciding what type of enterprise to look for and what your expectations of your say in the running of the company will be.

If you are buying a business in order to create a job for yourself then that is one thing, but if you want to be a passive investor then you will be looking for a completely different opportunity.  A passive investor is someone who puts money into a business but does not make any of the day to day operating decisions.  Generally, they do not worry about anything less than strategic goals which would be an overall direction the business is headed.  The day to day decisions are made by a hired manager, or sometimes, one of the investing partners will take on the management which is a different business function.

One of the worst situations for a business is when a passive investor wants to be involved in the day to day decisions but only sometimes.  Often times a tactical decision can not be made without thoughts of how it will effect other aspects of the business.  If the passive investor swoops in one day, makes a decision, and then swoops out only to return in a couple of weeks to do it again, he or she is creating a very difficult management environment for the person is actually held accountable for the profit and loss of the business.

Investing in a business can be a great way to put your money to work, but it is very important to understand what everyone’s role is in the operation.

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