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Dress Up For Career Success In 2016 with a Career Coach

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One of the most important pieces of advice that a career coach hands out is to dress for success. Wearing jeans or shorts with a sloppy T-Shirt or sweatshirt does not make people think you are good management material. On the other side over-dressing will not get you into management either. It is important to find a solid combination in the middle, but still being appropriate for the work that you do.


For office workers, dressing too casual is definitely a show stopper when it comes to career advancement. Wearing some nice looking Dockers combined with a Polo Shirt however should be just fine for most environments unless a more formal looking attire is required. As an example, banks still require their employees to wear suit and tie in many cases (if you are male) and proper business attire for women as well (business skirt, blouse, etc.). If you want to be a manager, check out what the successful managers of the company wear. Keep in mind that executives are often dressed one level above of what is required and so if you are aiming at a middle management position, dress like the other managers in middle management accordingly. Your goal is dressing appropriately to underscore your professionalism and competence.

If you have to work with external customers it is important to look professional to get their business. Consultants have known this for a long time and you will barely find any consultant who is not dressed for success.

Employees who have to work in a uniform of some sort for work, might think they are covered, but even in the world of uniforms important things need to kept in mind. In any profession looking clean and tidy (unless you are a construction worker or work in a similar industry) is an important part of work life. Employees who have to wear uniforms can separate them self from others by making sure that their uniform is always looking clean accordingly.

When job hunting dressing up for success is even more important as the interviewer will definitely judge you by your initial looks. Keep in mind that there is only one chance for a first impression and if you miss this opportunity to impress and to show professionalism than your chances of landing that new job will definitely shrink. No matter how smart or how skilled you are, overcoming the first hurdle is difficult – by the time you really start selling yourself it might be too late.

When starting a new job it is important to be dressed appropriately for at least the first 2-3 weeks. During that time you will meet so many people that it is critical for every first impression to be a good one. It is easier to slowly dress down one level after a while than doing it the opposite way.

Conclusion: A good rule of thumb is to dress conservatively no matter where you work. However, conservatively in a financial institution means something different than dressing conservatively for an Internet startup. This is very important to know for younger workers who are coming out of college these days. Making a mistake in regards to the dress code can make it difficult to advance at your current employer.

This article was written by Chris Puetz who runs the Colorado Career Network website. There you can find job related information and career advice that helps you to get a job or to advance in your existing job. A large section of the website is dedicated to CNA training as well.

Need A New Career? Why Don’t You Work For Yourself

Do you need a new career which gives you the flexibility to work for yourself and be your own boss? There is range of services that are perfectly suited to this new type of career path you want to pursue. Best of all, the service economy is one of the growing areas in modern economies as the manufacturing sector is on the decline.


Some of the old traditional services to consider include child care assistance, personal trainers and driving instructors. All of these roles do however require initial training in order for you to be able to start in these positions. If your preference is for a career that involves a certain amount of creativity then you could also consider getting started as an interior designer, doing specialist catering reason getting involved with party planning.

If you do not have the requisite skills, or are not interested in training up, then you still have several new career options open to you. For example, freelance gardening, window cleaning, house minding, dog walking, DIY, etc. all require little in the way of startup costs and give you great amount of flexibility about when and where you work.

The most profitable business ideas which allow you to work for yourself often involve the use of the Internet. You have a greater number of potential customers available to you online. The major opportunity is in affiliate marketing where you promote other people’s products for commissions on your own websites. The skills required to build & design websites can also be applied as a freelance web designer.

If you need a new career which can be done from home, but don’t have the coding abilities, then there are still many Internet opportunities available to you. Why not consider working as a proofreader or editor for magazines, books or websites. Alternatively, if you have several languages then why not translate work as a freelance translator.

How to start a construction company

Starting a business is a dream for many – the chance to be your own boss is incredibly attractive after all! However a little planning will go a long way towards ensuring your success. The first thing you should do is to develop and business plan that is workable. It has to be very detailed with specifications of what your expectations are of the construction company and how you will go about it to get everything done. A business plan that is good is one which can be edited along the way in order to get improved success.


The kind of company you want to set up matters. Do some consultations with your attorney or an accountant to find out what type of company you can afford to set up. You should be covered for liability. You also need to be aware of the regulations that cover your states and which permits and fees are required when you want to construct a construction business.

You will be required to have some capital to start with. This will be for covering the costs you incur until you start getting income from the construction jobs you have performed so far. You will get paid in phases when doing a construction job. It is therefore important to have a consideration of the costs in mind.
Several multitudes of talents will need to be provided in order to keep the revenue up more so when you experience lulls during the construction of a new home. You can consider other construction additions like remodeling, brickwork and painting as options to fall back on.

Think about how to market your construction company early on in the piece. You can start a website where you will be able to advertise your goods and services as well as keeping the site updated with pricing and special offers. It should contain current contact numbers and response to the questions that you may be getting. You can also try passing out flyers or sending mails in order to generate business. When it comes to public relations, you should be your best. A good construction business card will also get you more business if it looks professional and helps brand your business.

Ensure you hire the best sub – contractors only. Any results; be they bad or good will be attributed to you by your clients. They must be in a position to deliver good and similar quality of service as your company. It best to be safe when it comes to these. With any potential customers, you should discuss with them what expectations they have from you and how you will deliver that to them. Be specific and if any changes come up to the original plans, be sure to keep everyone informed in order to avoid any delays.

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