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How To Achieve Higher Success Rates With Business Process Documentation

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The phrase business process documentation might seem as though it is a catchphrase or special business term. The phrase sounds impressive, and business owners who frequently use this set phrase feel more successful. Saying these words for the mere sake of hearing how great they sound, however, is not a good way to utilize time.


Numerous reasons exist for implementing this operation, and these reasons are the determining factor for the end result. It is, therefore, necessary to understand the precise reasons as to why the business operation exists, which is simply a matter that involves excellent communication skills. A good excuse is that the Board of Directors requires the procedure in order to convince themselves that the business is meeting its goals and directives. A second reason is that the procedure can be used to train employees. A third reason is that the company might benefit from more sales.

Business process documentation is then made to complement the business operation and usage of proper tools. A text editor is helpful if the business owner needs to categorize main processes that need higher levels of scrutinizing, and a well-designed flow chart is also beneficial. Nevertheless, the company employees are the best candidates for documenting problems, especially if the goal is to have a more successful company. Every employee needs to describe individual job duties, which helps to determine whether or not the company is achieving its objectives.

Improve sales performance with proper business process documentation that can actually help a business to prosper. The main thing to remember is that the documentation needs to have exact reasons if it is to work properly. If everything makes perfect sense, and all of the correct tools, as well as programs, are utilized, the business document is an effective method by which the business can achieve growth.

Top 6 Major Categories For Performance Evaluation Phrases


Are you struggling to find the right performance evaluation phrases for annual review? You’re not alone! Many managers struggle to categorize and effectively appraise their direct reports. The key to getting it right is to use a couple of standard categories which can be applied to any industry sector or role.

The following phrases and categories form the basic structure for most appraisals (brief sample phrases are included for informative purposes):

  • Creativity in the workplace: She has always exhibited the ability to turnaround problems rapidly using novel solutions. She has improved the various work processes and operational procedures used by our team in the group.
  • Handling stress: He handles crisis situations in a mature and levelheaded way. He never loses his temper even when customers are highly agitated.
  • Being professional: She always has a respectful and professional attitude when dealing with customers and clients. She maintains and builds different working relationships both internally with colleagues and externally with clients who purchase our products.
  • Attendance/time management: He is always punctual for work. He is capable of managing his own time effectively to ensure the timely delivery of work and solutions. He encourages better time management techniques in those he is mentoring and working alongside.
  • Good communications: He is capable of open and respectful communications whether in e-mail communications, phone calls or face-to-face discussions. He encourages effective communication in the workplace of all direct reports and 360° feedback for all levels.
  • Being a leader/building teams: She commands the respect of all direct reports and proves to be an inspiration for their work ethic. She insists on collaborative involvement within the teams to solve problems. She always appreciates the contributions made by hard-working individuals.

The combination of performance evaluation phrases that you use will depend upon the role which the person is involved with. Some types of employment put more emphasis on specific categories and phrases which are crucial to the effective running and performance of these roles.

Grow Your Call Center With At-Home Workers


As your company grows, you might find that you need to expand your workforce to address customer service demands. Just because you want to expand your workforce, however, does not mean that you want to move to a larger location that will cost more money. Instead of expanding your facility, you can hire employees and contractors that work from home.

Creating an At-Home Call Center

Web-based technology makes it possible for businesses to serve customers from virtually any location. As long as there is an internet connection, your employees can log on to address customer concerns, take orders and perform other duties.

This means that you don’t have to expand your current operation to hire more people. It also means that you can employ workers from just about any area. This makes it possible for you to hire the best workers regardless of where they live. It also means that you can reduce your business costs by hiring people in areas with low costs of living.

Before you create a call center based on a network of at-home workers, you will need to find call center software that suits your needs.

Choosing Software for At-Home Workers

Many software development companies recognize that companies have started hiring more at-home workers. They have responded with a call center software solution that allows employees to answer custom service phone lines easily without leaving their homes.

The best software gives you, the owner or manager, the same control that you have on the production floor. Just because some of your employees work from home does not mean that they get special treatment.

You should, therefore, choose software that lets you monitor calls to check for service quality. You should also have the ability to gather information about how much time each employee spends on calls and how long the employee spends silent between calls. This will help you identify any productivity problems so that you can make the most of your business investment.

You should also consider choosing call center software that doesn’t require special hardware. Plenty of software developers have created programs that can use your workers’ existing landline and cell phone lines. Many of them can even use VoiP. Your workers just need internet access.

Using Software for Your Call Center

After you have chosen software for your call center, it is important to make sure it continues to meet your expectations. Before you pay for the software, ask the developer whether you can have a free trial period. This gives you and your employees the chance to review the programs before you spend any money. You might find that you prefer one program over others.

Reaching your next business milestone is an important step that you should consider carefully. As your business expands, you will encounter new needs. When you choose reliable software for your call center, you can rely on a workforce that grows according to demand rather than how much space you have on the production floor. It’s the smart way to grow areas of your business without risking a lot of money.

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Choosing A Corporate Communication Strategy Which Targets Set Goals


When deciding upon a corporate communication strategy you need to effectively plan out who your stakeholders are, what messages you are going to send out, the template structure that will be used as well as how recipients/responses will be tracked. In this article I’ll show you some of the key goals objectives that you should always keep in mind when formulating your own communication reports.

The process should begin with creative business management identifying who the stakeholders are for your communications. Corporate communication reports often go out to shareholders, the media, business analysts, industry analysts, etc. You will not be able to collaborate with each of these individuals to identify what types of messages they are expecting to see. Instead, collaborate with each of your management team (e.g. marketing, legal, engineering, customer support, etc.) with regard to what types of messages you should be sending out. Key to this part of the planning phase is deciding upon the frequency of these reports. The key is not to make it too frequent that producing reports becomes a burden.

You are then in a good position to start formulating the corporate communication strategy template structure. This should include sections regarding your company’s objectives, progress summary for the past reporting period, financial information (e.g. profit and loss etc.), major milestones that have been achieved on your projects or products, some of the issues that were experienced as well as any changes that have occurred with personnel or company process. This is just the basic structure and will alter over time as you receive different feedback about what works and what doesn’t work.

Once you have got clearance from your legal and marketing teams with regard to the actual content of your reports then you can begin sending out to communications. Your plan should also identify who is tasked with tracking the responses and feedback that is received, as well as the list of recipients. This can be used later on to establish if your corporate communication strategy is being effectively administered and that the reports are providing the right amount of value to the recipients.

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Team Communication 101


Do you know where all problems arise and derive from?  All the problems in the world and be cured with this one thing.  This one thing that is very seldom taught in our schools all over the world.  The one thing that can make this world work together and it is not even a requirement to graduate high school.  Do you know what it is???  Communication.

The reason we have wars, drama, anxiety, fear, fighting, is because of miscommunication.  The better communication we have the better our results.  What in life occurs without communication?  Can you think of one thing?  I cannot, except maybe breathing.  Even breathing can communicate something to other people.

Team communication is even more challenging and more powerful.  When teams or groups communicate on a high level their results that they achieve are outstanding.  Think about it.  Do you think there is much drama and fighting on an Olympic team, or a super bowl team?  How about a successful marriage?  The answer is No.  No because the teammates are so focused on what they want to achieve more than themselves.   This all starts and finishes with communication.

Individual and team communication are also great life coaching tools that many coaches, trainers and mentors use around the world.  This is used because the trainers know that great communication create greats success.  The most powerful people that have walked this planet have all been great communicators.  All great leaders have to know how to communicate so they can get what they want done.

There is an old saying that says ‘The more uncomfortable conversations you have the more successful you become’.  This is without a doubt to be true.  The greater communicator that you personally become the more successful you will be in whatever endeavor that you desire.  Seek to become a great communicator and you will achieve a great life.

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