Free Help Desk Software

Saving money is important to most companies and a great way to save money is by using help desk software. Help desk software is basically a type of customer service software that allows you to manage and respond to client requests. It allows customers to contact a company with any issues or questions they may have concerning the provider company’s products or service. The customer can even track the request until it is completed. Due to the open source community response, there is a large availability of free help desk software on the internet. This software is top quality … Read more at Free Business Cards

Using Promotional Merchandise at Trade Shows and Conventions

Promotional merchandise is a great way to get your company recognized. Sometimes given away as gift-with-purchases, these items are also handed out by vendors at many trade shows and conventions, as a way of thanking visitors for stopping by your company’s booth. In addition to handing out a business card, after a potential customer has had personal contact, handing out a promotional product not only advertises your business’ name and company’s information but also leaves a lasting impression with that person. The potential customer will associate the positive interaction he or she received each time the promotional product … Read more at Free Business Cards