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5 Fundraising Ideas Your Business Can Do for Charity

Fundraising Ideas

The existence of a charitable organization is dependent on having a constant stream of donations. Unfortunately, such acts of benevolence are not given without some effort on the part of the organization itself. Fundraisers must be held to bring awareness to the cause and encourage people donate for them. Thus these fundraising ideas.

Without such financial assistance, many charities have been forced to close, significantly damaging the community and aggrieved parties who depend on them for support.

Many people associate such fundraisers with bake sales and telethons. However, charities might be better served by thinking outside of the box, and looking for help from the private sector. In particular, having corporate sponsored events can provide financial support, the creativity of a business marketing team, and cast the business itself in a good light.

If you own a business, fundraising for a charity is an excellent way to give to a good cause while simultaneously providing positive exposure for your business.


1. Coupon Books or Scratch Cards

Depending on the type of business, these books can be comprised solely of various items you sell, or partnered along with neighboring businesses in your area. With most coupon books, the charity must purchase the books in advance and hope to sell enough to turn a profit. This can result in a loss if the books are not sold in a large enough quantity.

A way to circumvent such an occurrence is to do careful research and planning on the amount of books likely to be sold, or simply have the charity receive a portion of each book sold rather than purchase the books outright.

2. Bake Sale

Sometimes, the simplest answer is the best. Bake sales are tremendously popular for a reason. They provide a home cooked meal that is not only a gift to charity, but actually contains a more desirable product than the preservative filled items that fill the supermarket aisles. As with any product sale, the most important aspect is pre-sale promotion.

This is where having the involvement of your business can really market the event, as well as recruit potential volunteers to setup, clean, bake, and handle payments. You can even pay employees to work the bake sale if you wish. Another vital component is variety. Muffins, brownies, cookies, cakes, and pie are mainstays, but also consider some more exotic baked goods from other cultures to give it more flavor.

3. Subscription Sales

If your business offers some type of subscription service, food item, or any other service that requires repeated visits, a great way to get loyal customers and promote a charitable organization is through a subscription or long term discount.

4. Online Fundraising

The power of the internet allows you to access a larger pool of customers and organize events quickly and cheaply. Using social networking and other popular promotion tools, your business can rapidly raise funds for a charity while also providing links to your corporate website through banners that show your logo. Another option is to have customers who buy existing products make a donation to charity. You can add a small description of the charity on the checkout menu where customers can add a few dollars to the total purchase price. You can even have multiple charities involved to give your customers options.

5. Work With the Local Churches

Churches have a great and large network, and a morally obligated to help charitable organizations in need. They also have a lot of experience with fundraisers and other events. Talk with churches about involving yourself directly in the charitable work itself. Long term projects sponsored by your business, such as building shelters for the homeless, or providing flu shots or other helpful services can really make an impact.

John Edwards writes on behalf of Public Liability Insurance .org an online resource for business owners providing public liability insurance for nurseries.

Becoming A Restaurant Business Expert

Restaurant Business Expert photo

Photo by JoshMacDonald

When you’re in business you have to account for just about every factor that could influence your business. What this means is that before you make decisions that will affect your business or product sales, you really need to balance out all the pros and the cons. If you make one or more bad business decisions at the onset of your business development, you could be committing suicide as a business. What I mean by this is that 50% of all restaurants fail. To be a bit more specific, 50% of all brand-new restaurants fail. This is a startling statistic because this means that 50 out of 100 new restaurants don’t even last one year.

Because of this high fail rate, business owners that are attempting to promote a restaurant really have to be careful about what they say, advertised, and cell. With this being said, if you are looking into becoming a restaurant owner it would be a great idea for you to read up on some of the more in successful chain restaurants. If you pay close attention to how some of the more popular chain restaurants advertised and you will have a better shot at successfully running your own restaurant. With that being said, one of the more reputable chain restaurants out there is Applebee’s bar and grill. The reason that Applebee’s bar and grill did so well at the onset of their establishment is because they offered free Applebee’s coupons to their consumers.

By offering so many incentives to customers, Applebee’s was able to not only generate a bit of a buzz about their name, but they were able to generate more revenue then they would if they would not have offered any Applebee’s restaurant coupons.

There are many many different ways that you can go about building a successful business. Becoming a business expert is crucial in the early stages because like I said earlier, if you make it the wrong mistake too early in business. It could be detrimental. If you are the type of person that likes to pay very close attention to restaurant foods, drinks, costs, and just mingling with consumers in general, then you may be interested in owning your own restaurant as a business expert.

How to Feel About Your Real Estate Job

Real estate leads are the most important aspect of any real estate deal.  Without leads, the agent would be far less successful, depending on walk-ins to fall into his lap.  The pursuit of leads is what makes being a real estate agent worthwhile.  It is the thrill of the hunt, as it were.  Chasing a good lead is what makes getting out of bed worth the effort.  At the end of the day, when a good lead has been tracked down, worked, and sold, the deal that is wrought from this is all the sweeter for it.  If the deal has been signed from a lead, the sale is worth much more than money.

Attitude OF A Winner

The most successful real estate agents have just this kind of attitude when it comes to real estate leads.  It is the agent who savors selling a home to a prospect that started as just another lead that loves his job and goes home happy.  How many of us get to say that we love our jobs?  That is why we comb the Internet for websites that sell real estate leads for agents.  If you give the right agent a lead, he or she is off and running and will not look back until the deal is done or the lead exhausted.

Success Is What We Know

Many agents will work several real estate leads at once and there is nothing wrong with that.  The more the merrier, we will tell you.  If you want to know how to get real estate leads, follow me or one of my compatriots around for a little while.  We are the successful agents who will stop at nothing for a solid sale.  We buy real estate leads, we create real estate leads, and we pursue real estate leads because that is what we were born to do.

I Am an Agent

If your name comes up as a lead it means that you have expressed an interest in buy or selling a home.  That means that you will need an outdoor security camera to see me coming if you want hide because until I am convinced otherwise, you are going to do business with me and you will be very happy that you did.  When I am finished with my work, both the lead and I will have enjoyed the experience of a lifetime.  We will both have the best of what we wanted.  I am a real estate agent and I do my job well.

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