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Dress Up For Career Success In 2016 with a Career Coach

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One of the most important pieces of advice that a career coach hands out is to dress for success. Wearing jeans or shorts with a sloppy T-Shirt or sweatshirt does not make people think you are good management material. On the other side over-dressing will not get you into management either. It is important to find a solid combination in the middle, but still being appropriate for the work that you do.


For office workers, dressing too casual is definitely a show stopper when it comes to career advancement. Wearing some nice looking Dockers combined with a Polo Shirt however should be just fine for most environments unless a more formal looking attire is required. As an example, banks still require their employees to wear suit and tie in many cases (if you are male) and proper business attire for women as well (business skirt, blouse, etc.). If you want to be a manager, check out what the successful managers of the company wear. Keep in mind that executives are often dressed one level above of what is required and so if you are aiming at a middle management position, dress like the other managers in middle management accordingly. Your goal is dressing appropriately to underscore your professionalism and competence.

If you have to work with external customers it is important to look professional to get their business. Consultants have known this for a long time and you will barely find any consultant who is not dressed for success.

Employees who have to work in a uniform of some sort for work, might think they are covered, but even in the world of uniforms important things need to kept in mind. In any profession looking clean and tidy (unless you are a construction worker or work in a similar industry) is an important part of work life. Employees who have to wear uniforms can separate them self from others by making sure that their uniform is always looking clean accordingly.

When job hunting dressing up for success is even more important as the interviewer will definitely judge you by your initial looks. Keep in mind that there is only one chance for a first impression and if you miss this opportunity to impress and to show professionalism than your chances of landing that new job will definitely shrink. No matter how smart or how skilled you are, overcoming the first hurdle is difficult – by the time you really start selling yourself it might be too late.

When starting a new job it is important to be dressed appropriately for at least the first 2-3 weeks. During that time you will meet so many people that it is critical for every first impression to be a good one. It is easier to slowly dress down one level after a while than doing it the opposite way.

Conclusion: A good rule of thumb is to dress conservatively no matter where you work. However, conservatively in a financial institution means something different than dressing conservatively for an Internet startup. This is very important to know for younger workers who are coming out of college these days. Making a mistake in regards to the dress code can make it difficult to advance at your current employer.

This article was written by Chris Puetz who runs the Colorado Career Network website. There you can find job related information and career advice that helps you to get a job or to advance in your existing job. A large section of the website is dedicated to CNA training as well.

What Your Company Needs To Know About HRIS

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Any company knows that the key to growth and success is the way in which it manages its workforce. This is because no matter what type of business it is the way it treats its workforce will determine its level of growth. Many companies have created a whole department to take care of its workers namely the human resource department (HRIS).


This will be in charge of hiring, firing, training and anything else that relates to the employees. As companies grow larger many executives are increasingly turning to information technology based solutions to help them to be able to integrate the various departments.HR software solutions are used for an easier management of the different aspects of a hr job. They will include features such as bilingual hr/payroll system, leave days calculation among others.

HRIS software solutions use information technology to provide state of the art technologies that can be easily integrated into any operating system. They will help a hr manager to be able to keep track of the number of leave days any employees has, will give employees the opportunity to correct any personal information found in their files which is either false or incomplete. With a special emphasis on quality and detail it reduces the amount of time that a human resource manager has to spend dealing with issues like the number of leave days an employee has. They can simply check on the system which saves a lot of man hours.

The system is carefully designed that it can be used by a wide range of businesses, companies and are tailored specifically to meet each client’s needs. You will get a HR software solution that will have specific tools that will meet your company’s demands. It does not matter whether your company is large or a small company just starting up. You will receive a solution that meets your particular needs.

This will in turn increase your production as less time will be wasted. It will allow you at a glance to tell how many workers are on leave, the number off sick, the amount owed and if any department is experiencing a shortage of staff. You will also be able to tell if another department has too many workers will allow you to be more efficient and more productive.

How To Achieve Higher Success Rates With Business Process Documentation

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The phrase business process documentation might seem as though it is a catchphrase or special business term. The phrase sounds impressive, and business owners who frequently use this set phrase feel more successful. Saying these words for the mere sake of hearing how great they sound, however, is not a good way to utilize time.


Numerous reasons exist for implementing this operation, and these reasons are the determining factor for the end result. It is, therefore, necessary to understand the precise reasons as to why the business operation exists, which is simply a matter that involves excellent communication skills. A good excuse is that the Board of Directors requires the procedure in order to convince themselves that the business is meeting its goals and directives. A second reason is that the procedure can be used to train employees. A third reason is that the company might benefit from more sales.

Business process documentation is then made to complement the business operation and usage of proper tools. A text editor is helpful if the business owner needs to categorize main processes that need higher levels of scrutinizing, and a well-designed flow chart is also beneficial. Nevertheless, the company employees are the best candidates for documenting problems, especially if the goal is to have a more successful company. Every employee needs to describe individual job duties, which helps to determine whether or not the company is achieving its objectives.

Improve sales performance with proper business process documentation that can actually help a business to prosper. The main thing to remember is that the documentation needs to have exact reasons if it is to work properly. If everything makes perfect sense, and all of the correct tools, as well as programs, are utilized, the business document is an effective method by which the business can achieve growth.

Finding Fresh Ideas for Self Employment

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For any individual who is interested in pursuing an entrepreneurial path, there will be a sense of urgency in finding ideas for self employment. There seems to be an incredible variety of opportunities available for almost any conceivable niche market. Finding the best one, however, can be difficult.


The goal is a noble one, though, and should be pursued with persistence. The entrepreneur is the backbone of many economies, and the ability to work for yourself is very attractive for many. As far as finding fulfilling employment and purpose, working on one’s own ranks high on any list.

In finding fresh ideas to pursue, there are two things that should be taken into consideration above all others. The first is discovering what exactly it is that will allow for the greatest growth, and the greatest satisfaction. It is said that doing what you love is a sure path to success, and there is something to that.

While the love of the pursuit may not pay the bills or create the successes needed in order to sustain the venture, it will make the pursuit endurable, and will serve one well in the long run. Working for yourself is a difficult, and often thankless, job. But the benefits therein can be tremendous, so find something that you will truly enjoy.

The second consideration is if the business is actually feasible. Some hobbies will remain destined to be just that. Any new business must be considered in the light of future success. It is a good idea to look into other entrepreneurial attempts that are similar in scope to the one being thought of. See what works for others, and determine if it will work for you.

Finally, be certain to surround the venture with positive partners for the greatest impact. If necessary, change management consultants just as you would change a business plan that is not working. Finding ideas for self employment can be tremendously rewarding, but it can also be quite trying. Do what is enjoyable, and work with others who are like-minded for the best chances for success.

How Change Management Software Can Help You Implement Your Change Management Strategy

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Any change management strategy operates on the premise that a company can transform itself from what it currently is to what it longs for. Whilst change management handles different facets of change, it also deals with the possible impact of proposed changes, particularly when it comes to the core responsibilities of employees. But however constant change is, for employees it can be difficult to handle.


The beginning of any change management venture always starts with highlighting the desired change. This alone is not enough as it is equally important to document the potential impact of the proposed change and how the organization will seek to counteract it. Having precise documentation of all these factors is important for any change management plan. It is these documents which will be used as a reference point when the purpose and intentions of the change management process have become elusive. It is important to say that notes on the different steps that need to be taken – or those that have been taken – must also be kept safely. Owing to the need to document, physical records may become hard to store and monitor.

It is at such a stage that document tracking software becomes essential for the easy organization of documents. With software you will be able to sort documents according to reference codes and store them safely in your computers. And another thing is that document tracking software help you to keep track of people accessing the documents through your system networks and the changes they may have made to them. Document tracking software also give your company the much needed accessibility options which greatly reduce the inconveniences that come with organizing documents in files.

So with document tracking software you will be able to manage your change management strategy without wasting time, something which helps you to pay more attention to your change management projects. And when employees access documents easily they can then focus on their responsibilities more, thus resulting in more productivity.

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