Dress Up For Career Success In 2016 with a Career Coach

One of the most important pieces of advice that a career coach hands out is to dress for success. Wearing jeans or shorts with a sloppy T-Shirt or sweatshirt does not make people think you are good management material. On the other side over-dressing will not get you into management either. It is important to find a solid combination in the middle, but still being appropriate for the work that you do.

For office workers, dressing too casual is definitely a show stopper when it comes to career advancement. Wearing some nice looking Dockers combined with a Polo Shirt however … Read more at Free Business Cards

Benefits Of Online Resumes

Technology has played an important role as it relates to finding work. Many unemployed people are discovering how critical technology is. The internet has long been a valuable tool for doing business. At the same time this tool is instrument when it comes to finding work and employees. Job seekers are able to find job opening through various means by using the internet.

Employers are able to find the employees that they need through use of the internet. Jobs can be posted on company websites, as well as, other locations. This makes the internet a type of connection … Read more at Free Business Cards

Job Seekers Using Business Cards to Get Noticed

Job Seekers Using Business Cards to Get Noticed

With over 7 million Americans losing their jobs over the past 2 years, job seekers are getting creative to get noticed by employers. Many people hunting for jobs have utilized services initially created for small business for marketing. Services like those offered by VistaPrint for printing business cards, post cards, stationary, and t shirts.

At networking events, job seekers network and pass out unique cards that leave an impression. There’s no business name on the cards, just the name of the individual, their skills, maybe a desired job description, and contact … Read more at Free Business Cards