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Why Keyword Research is So Important For SEO


There are a lot of out there trying to make money online. And there are a lot of articles out there about making money online. This is going to sort of be one of those articles. First, though, let me tell you this, it’s possible, and it’s easy, to climb up Google and rank well for your keywords, particularly if they are not highly competitive. But, it is extremely important that you do your research before you waste your time on something that isn’t going to produce.

Here’s the story behind the lesson.  And, ironically, it doesn’t have anything to do with PPC advertising. It has everything do to with getting visitors, though.  I got it in my head that I wanted to rank well for DUI attorney and DUI lawyer. I know, I know, they are very competitive keywords.  I thought to myself, on the way there, why don’t I start with a local term, like Seattle DUI attorney. It will probably be a little easier, and it looked like it was getting decent search traffic.

So, I began a campaign to get climb the search engines for DUI attorney, and start it out with Seattle DUI attorney. Well, in the last few weeks I finally hit number one for that keyword. And do you know what my analytics is showing me? No one is going to the site. I’m still getting the low traffic I once was.

How could this be? I think that one of the problems with a keyword like this is that it is so important to people wanting to rank high for that keyword that they are responsible for a lot of the searches. For example, make money online probably gets a ton of searches, but think about how many people are out there checking every day to see where they stand.

It’s an important factor to think about, and definitely something you don’t want to overlook. I’m going to keep tweaking it to see what I can get, and keep working for DUI attorney and DUI lawyer, but I’m not holding my breath.

My Internet Marketing Mistakes


When I started to try make money on the Internet I naturally made many mistakes. I wish I could turn back the clock and start again but sadly I can’t. At least you can learn from my mistakes and get a head start.

Making money online is not actually that hard if you follow some simple steps but the trouble is you get so bombarded with information that you end up believing there is a magical formula out there just waiting to be discovered if you read enough blogs or subscribe to lots of newsletters. the lesson – just stick to one formula and follow it until you are successful, don’t be distracted.

The worst mistake I made was to not understand keyword research. I wrote articles but did not focus on any topic, so search engines such as Google didn’t ever put my articles near the top of the search engine results. The articles were good and certainly useful but nobody found them so that was just a waste of time.

When you build your websites that at the end of the day are there to make money concentrate your efforts on one topic or area of interest to you – this is known as niches. By focusing on a niche rather than an area that is very broad, you are far more likely for the search engines to see you as an expert in that area – result – your articles will appear near or maybe even at the top of the results.

The next mistake I made was to choose articles written about a certain keyword that was never going to generate any revenue. For example if you are top of Google for the keywords free books then if you sell books you are probably going to find that this keyword is next to useless because your audience will not be interested in your product or service.

Instead if you targeted the keyword buy Stephen King books then you are likely to sell a lot of Stephen King books. So built a website around words that if you do get ranked, you find they are valuable and money-making keywords.

No matter at what level you are at you can always improve. I had been making money for three years before I joined the Niche profit classroom which accelerated my Internet earnings by giving me a clear step-by-step approach based around building niche websites which provide useful information and sell e books to people who enjoy those niches. I’m selling e books on topics such as Chinchilla care and Ferrets.

How To Earn Extra Money Online


I bet if you’re reading this, then you or maybe someone you know needs some extra money, and probably needs it quick. Contrary to popular belief, there are quick ways to make some money online. This article will show you how to earn extra money online. No, you won’t become rich or famous with this type of work, but you may be able to keep the Wolf away from your door. Who knows, some people have taken some of these techniques and turned them into part time jobs in order to pay bills, take vacations or put away for a rainy day. (have you noticed it’s been raining a lot lately?)

One of the quickest ways I’ve ever made money was by writing simple articles. I simply posted some WTS (want to sell) ads on DigitalPoint forums stating that I would write articles for $1 per 100 words. Now the typical article that people want is around 500 words. I can turn a 500 word article, proof read it and start another in about 15 minutes, sometimes faster. Even if it takes me a while to research the article, I still can turn out 3 per hour. If you haven’t been counting, that’s 15 to $20 per hour!

I arrange for the Buyers to either pay me half up front or for regular clients, I’ll accept payment when the articles are sent. I instruct them to send payment to my PayPal account where I have a debit card. I get instant access to the money as soon as it’s sent. It’s not unusual to get an order, fulfill it and get paid all in the same day.

And the best part is, I’m not a professional writer and most people doing this kind of work are not either.

If you’re not used to writing articles, don’t be afraid to start. It may take you a while to get up to the speed in which I write, but the best news is that you’ll get paid while you learn! It’s great practice also. As I said before, this is just one way that I’ve learned how to earn extra money online. There are other ways just as easy as this.

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Obtaining Free Business Cards Online


Obtaining Free Business Cards Online

If you operate any kind of money making venture and need to promote yourself and your company at networking events, there are a number of online resources for you to obtain free business cards with little to no shipping fees. Vista Print and 123Prints are two of the more popular services.

At Vista Print you can obtain 250 free business cards which you design online using a nice graphical tool and many predefined styles. 123Prints also has similar services but your free order is for only 30 cards. Shipping and handling will costs between $4 and $5 within the US. There are many upgrades which will cost additional amounts, but if you decline all the extras, the basic cards are free. One of the upgrades for example is to have additional text on the back of the card. If you do not purchase this upgrade, your cards will have the name of the printing company on the back.

Other options in obtaining free business cards include visiting your local print shops and requesting free business card designs. Most will print 10-20 cards for you as a sample which you can then use for your networking and marketing needs. Visit as many as possible to gather a good number of cards. Also search the Internet for free business cards, as a number of additional companies, besides the ones mentioned here, provide the service.

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