How Change Management Software Can Help You Implement Your Change Management Strategy

Any change management strategy operates on the premise that a company can transform itself from what it currently is to what it longs for. Whilst change management handles different facets of change, it also deals with the possible impact of proposed changes, particularly when it comes to the core responsibilities of employees. But however constant change is, for employees it can be difficult to handle.

The beginning of any change management venture always starts with highlighting the desired change. This alone is not enough as it is equally important to document the potential impact of the proposed change and how … Read more at Free Business Cards

Project Change Management In Action

Have you noticed any deadlines being missed in your software development projects? This commonly occurs due to a week project change management procedure. It is the responsibility of the project manager to establish the correct steps and processes in order to control all the alterations being made on their project.

A simplified process starts out with change request forms. These detail exactly what alterations to be made that are quite similar to project proposal template structures (i.e. include full details of the alteration, background, etc.). The project manager is responsible for evaluating each of these changes and assigning severity to … Read more at Free Business Cards