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The Importance Of A Marketing Strategy Template

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Most business owners hate working out marketing plans and strategies, yet at the same time they are aware that if they fail to plan, they plan to fail. Consequently, anyone who can provide them with a workable marketing strategy template will earn their undying gratitude. It is easy to talk about the importance of developing a marketing strategy, but because it is so hard to know where to start and what information is required, many companies put it off indefinitely – which can be fatal.


In essence, a marketing strategy simply consists of setting goals – specific and measurable ones – and then making a plan of action to achieve those goals. A marketing strategy template basically sets out the essential categories of information you need to capture, before you can set the goals and develop the plan of action. These categories will usually include target market, offering, competition, pricing, a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), and specific tactics that are appropriate for reaching your goals.

One type of business that has often found it hard to know how to market itself is the dental business. Dental practices are there to serve people, but they are businesses too. A dental marketing strategy, as for all businesses, has to focus on the specific circumstances of its service offering and target market. The target market is almost exclusively in the local area, and the business must know the demographic of the local population. Users of the service have to be physically present. Therefore, while the Internet can certainly be part of marketing, it is not as major a part as it is for some other types of business.

A dental marketing strategy therefore needs to concentrate on tactics that are appropriate to this type of business. These must include relationship marketing, since dentistry is a personal service. Traditional methods definitely have a place in a local service – direct mailing, brochures and newsletters are important, and word of mouth probably the most important of all. In addition, offering discounts to existing patients for referring others can be very successful.

Dental practices can be as guilty as any other business of avoiding the effort of creating a marketing plan. Marketing strategies are specific to individual businesses, but they have basic elements that are common to all. A marketing strategy template will identify these essential elements, and provide a way of getting started on the vital task of planning for the future.

Defining Your Market a Key for Business Success


I’m a DUI lawyer, and though this post isn’t necessarily specifically geared to attorneys specifically, I’m going to use it as an example to prove my point, that defining your market is a very important factor for business success.

Defining your market is the process of figuring out exactly who your ideal client is. It seems like it’s pretty easy to do at first blush, but it really takes some drilling down, some time, and some effort, to get it right. And getting right is critical. If you define your market incorrectly there is a high probability that your business isn’t going to see the success that it could.

For example, let’s say you are a Seattle DUI lawyer who has just decided to go out on your own. At first glance, you may think to yourself, “my target market is easy – everyone who is charged with DUI.” Fine, then tell me how you are going to find those people. Where will they be looking for help? How will they contact you? If your target market is potentially everyone, then you’ve better have a pretty big budget.

The key to defining your target market is to think about who your ideal client is. Going further with this example, this is how I would drill it down. First, there are certain things every DUI lawyer in Seattle probably wants in a client, and first and foremost is the ability to pay. That means you are looking for someone that has a job. Congratulations, you have just narrowed the market significantly.

Second, I want someone that is relatively educated. I’m also looking for a bit of a younger crowd (because my office, my style, and my marketing is geared toward that market). I’ve now significantly limited my ideal client, but in doing so I can now focus on those people that are my actual client prospects.

Once you’ve determined the ideal market for your services you can begin to formulate your marketing plan around reaching those people. To wind up with just one example of how this works, with my market, I’ve been able to completely ignore yellow pages advertising – I know my ideal clients won’t be looking for my services there. And knowing that is a big key to business success.

Medical Practice Marketing Plan


Marketing is very important for any type of business or profession. How else will you find more clients and earn profits? If you want to find an effective medical practice marketing plan, you should not just make use of any marketing strategy to find out which would be most suitable for your business. Using trial and error will just be a waste of your time and money. This is something that you have to think of carefully. When you advertise your business or profession, it is also important that you constantly monitor or evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising. Keep in mind that advertising is a necessary expense if you want to promote your business.

Your marketing plan will serve as your guide to achieve the goals of your business. That is why you need to analyze your marketing plan carefully. First, you need to identify your target audience. This way, you can allocate your resources effectively. After you have identified your target market, you then have to think of ways on how to reach out to your target audience. What benefits will your potential clients get from the services you offer? You have to show your target audience what makes you better than others.

If you are a dentist or a medical professional, understand the needs of your patients. This is something you have to include in your dental websites. Know more about the needs and wants of your target market so that you can also figure out the best approach on how to attract more clients. Marketing your profession is just like marketing any other business only that you are promoting your services or your profession instead of products. Whether you are advertising a product or service, what you are offering to your clients are life improvement benefits.

Some Other Ways to Generate Leads


This is a good summary overview that will give anyone seeking how to generate leads direction when generating leads.

Take time to write out your plan,  this will be your foundation for leads. This means:

Choose carefully a well thought out target market, this will be your focus market. various leads have unique niches that once discovered will give you a tremendous edge.  Keep looking and pay attention. An example would be,  when seeking business credit leads, we found the hot button for most people was business entity development.  Even though its only $50 to form a business entity, it was a major road block for many people preventing them from gaining thousands in credit.    All future messages included free corporations and business credit sales soared.

The result will be spending less to gain more prospects.

Create various marketing messages the convey the issues and problems you solve.  Prospects relate to pain and will quickly gravitate to the solution you will offer.  Be sure to communicate the problems you solve, the benefits you offer, and the results you provide, and why you are different and what sets you apart.  Include proof of your success as well.  Take time on this, for this will be your message when you generate leads.  Be sure that this message is meaningful to them, and not you.

Target 25- 100 potential clients.  Send them a series of lessons, letters, tips, advice etc.  follow up after each one to introduce yourself and speak in more depth about the message in the collateral you sent.  Customize your letters by do some homework about the clients site.   Provide personalized thoughts and ideas about ways you can help  Get clear on who is a yes or no within 4 months and replace this list.

Be Seen:

Begin with cost effective, high impact ways to get visible:  Join groups, associations, forums etc.  Learn where your target market hangs out and hang out with them.  Strive to become an authority and a leader in these communities.  Be proactive and develop referral sources.  Do press release and tell people about it in these communities and what your goals are.  Pen point specific issues that your are trying to resolve rather then general.   Produce a white paper, white paper in the areas of expertise.

Never underestimate the power of autoresponder leads

Drive prospects to your site by having good information material and other useful content that they can benefit from.  Give away something of real value.  Capture there information via you generate leads capture page. Find a good plugin for opt in adders if using word press.

Get Good at asking for referrals.   This can go a long way and you will be encountered with these opportunities often.  Referrals compound quickly and can be a never ending source.  If every client referred on one new contact then this would be a nice way to generate free leads.  referrals are high converting leads that are worth chasing.

Set up networks, communities, groups based around people who want to succeed.  Its surprising how many people love to talk about their success and give advice.  Make them feel honored in some sense and gives the platform for bragging rights.  Use this to your advantage.   Encourage people to help the others succeed, offer badges, and other awards that they can display.  If this catches on you will be buried in leads.

Follow up continuously.  .  Keep in touch and update your lists often.  – be sure to ask for their permission Use solid information to update them with and keep improving the value so they look forward to your next update.

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