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Coaching And The Role Of Teamwork Workshops

Coaching is a process that is often interchanged with mentoring and it enables an individual or company to achieve their full potential. These services are often paid for and they help the individual to make real and lasting change by motivating and changing their thought processes, allowing the individual to identify their needs, motivations, desires and skills. This often done through questioning techniques which allow the client to facilitate their own thought processes to find solutions. A coach or mentor will help the client to set appropriate goals and have methods in place which will assess their progress.


Teamwork is the heart and soul of any family, relationship whether personal or in a company. Having a motivated workforce can make the difference between meeting your company’s goals or failing. This is because it is the spirit of teamwork that brings creativity and life into any organization. After companies realized how important it is to the success of their company, many of them have taken the time and resources to invest in teamwork workshops. Every leader needs to build teamwork within their organization but many of them tend to ruin their efforts through a lack of awareness.

Team building workshops are designed to help form a new level of teamwork awareness in each member of your team. These workshops are designed to cater specifically to the needs of each organization that is right depending on your needs and situation. Teamwork workshops often involve team building exercises, interactive training and exercises, assessments, role play and facilitated group discussions.

Coaching can be tailored to meet your organizations needs to one hour or to a full day or over a weekend. Coaching is best done in a different context away from work to enable all the participants to be able to relax. The office is often filled with interpersonal conflicts and task based patterns that cause individual employees to lose sight of the value of teamwork which ends up de-motivating the whole team. This is the reason why teambuilding workshop should be held away from the office.

It is important to develop an ongoing teamwork workshop program. This is done by organizing regular team building workshops as new relationships are formed, team members get new insights into the value of teamwork and new levels of understanding and empathy are opened. There is a lot of fun and games but with a deeper purpose behind it. Each activity is debriefed afterwards in an interactive session where everything that happened during the experience is discussed and how it relates to teamwork in the workplace to ensure there is change.

Business Acumen: Essential To Having Great Company Teamwork

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Teamwork in definition is joint action by a group of people in which each person contributes his opinions or skills to benefit a unified purpose. Teamwork does not discount individualism but rather enhances each person’s individual talent or capabilities to make a more effective outcome.


In business, teamwork is important. Most companies realize that a team is better than one person doing the job. They realize that the outcome would be faster, broader, and better. But then it is also important for these individuals who make up the team to have business acumen.

Business Acumen is the ability of the person to be keen, perceptive, and quick in assessing business situations in a manner that would lead to a likely good outcome. Business acumen in layman’s terms may also be referred to as business savvy or having a business sense. People with business acumen have an acute perception of the dimension of business issues. They can make sense of the complex and uncertain future. They are mindful of their choices and what implications it will have on all the affected parties. They are decisive and flexible if further change is needed.

Business acumen is gained by knowledge. It can be gained by reading, studying but also in doing. Business Acumen is all about the confidence without the arrogance. Some may even undertake business acumen trainings to enhance their skill.  People with business acumen don’t give up easily. The saying “never say die” would fit well to those people with business acumen. They may have failed a thousand times but they are willing to stand up a million times more. Besides in mistakes you gain knowledge. And that knowledge will prevent you from making the same mistake in the future.

But then people with business acumen don’t stay mule-headed about a certain thing. It’s knowing what works and what doesn’t. If it doesn’t work then drop it. If it works then continue doing it and improving it on the way. There are even business acumen trainings being offered to develop this. One must have a more thoughtful analysis, clearer logic underlying business decisions, closer attention to key dimensions of implementation and operation, and more disciplined performance management.

Having people with good business acumen in a team is very profitable. They can guide the other members of the team and utilize their individual talents to make the best possible outcome. People with business acumen enhances teamwork as to knowing which works and which does not and seeing these potential of each team member and honing them to complete a single purpose that will be benefit each and every one.

The Importance Of Teamwork On Achieving A Goal As A Group


The business industry has globalized in so many levels that getting in is not the hard part, but it’s making it work once you’ve gotten in that is challenging. Indeed, the business world is very, very tricky. Thanks to unity, equality and anti-discriminatory campaigns, those in the top management have begun to reach out, relate with, adapt to and most importantly, adjust with the employees rank-file and up and their customs, cultures and even beliefs.

Because of this new development in management systems, the probability of employees actually co-existing and working with one another has grown higher. The cliché “no man is an island” has never been given justice as much as this. Looking back to those days where teamwork was not yet much of a shared value, a manager or superior would most often work on his own, not open to the viewpoints and contributions of those much lower in rank. Reality, though, is that even the most brilliant of minds can only go so far as the people around can take him. No single person can truly make a change on his own – the other half of success lies within those who responded to the challenge and those in whom change has been effected. For every success, there has got to be some other people behind or with the hero.

In the smaller picture, yes, success could probably be attained on one’s own, but if we looked at the bigger picture, will success still be attainable? Or will the fire, passion and commitment have faltered? The longer the journey goes, the more tiresome and lonely it becomes if done alone. On the other hand, a journey will always be meaningful and special if along the way, you meet friends, family, and one by one; you take them in under your wing and nurture the relationships you share with them.

Teamwork is more an affective, psychological and social principle than it is physical. Teamwork is not just about a group of individuals gathering together to attain a common goal; it is sharing the same goal, and facing the challenge together to learn, grow and improve with each other along the way.

Hence, regardless of your company’s size and structure, always take team building seriously. The value of teamwork is priceless and the effect it can yield on your employees and on their outputs can spell the difference between your company’s success and failure. Conduct team building programs once or twice a year and allow your employees and supervisors to share a goal and reach for it together.

Why Bosses’ Coaching Can Yield Better Employees


There is a similar analogy between a parent and a child, and a boss and his subordinate. Although of different levels, there exists the idea of how a boss can have a great impact on the development of his or her subordinates, the same way a parent has over their children – acting as the guide in the early decisions and circumstances in life and the go-to person when in need of advice. Everybody desires more in life than just coursing through the motions; they desire to feel the pains, and the joys and triumphs as well, and they look up to their guide to show them those things. Both parents and bosses have big responsibilities because they play an important role in mentoring the children and employees respectively.

Albeit the pleasant notion of having to discuss both analogies, we would move on the concept of coaching within the workplace, between the boss and his employees.

Leaders are selected centered on their potential to head and encourage a group to newer and greater levels. This theory is very widespread in sports. Teams – whether in basketball or baseball or hockey – hope to have a coach that can augment the team members’ talents and efforts in order to pursue a championship. Team executives think that having a great coach on your team will make it simpler for the players to stay concentrated and motivated on the main goal. Industries are similar to this, in that bosses who own the appropriate coaching skills are bound to have the most shots at victory. Engaging a supervisor that can squeeze out all-out effort from their employees is more than likely to succeed.

Nonetheless, there are times when a third party may still have a new form of motivation – one that is different from the coaches’ usual style, and which may prove more effective. Many companies require the services of guest speakers and motivational leaders to handle coaching workshops and team building events that help promote teamwork in the workplace. Having a coaching workshop done by experts is a smart choice for motivating employees. It is hard to argue with the fact that these experts have a vast repertoire of activities and strategies to help employees reach their full potential. Having experts that can focus and dive deeper into very important issues can expose employees to better ways of thinking. The knowledge gained from these coaching workshops is very valuable to a business.

Notwithstanding the clear and palpable enticement brought about by good compensation and the role it plays in the motivation and satisfaction of an employee, money is not enough. Most workers have a noble sense of dignity in which they want to feel appreciated, that their jobs really do matter in the grand scheme of things. And what better way to show appreciation that to give them opportunities to grow professionally.

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