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What Should Your Med Spa Marketing Look Like?

Different spas offer different treatments usually designed to relax you, and a med spa is no different. But what should your med spa marketing look like and will it be different than that of a day spa?


Although a med spa marketing campaign and a day spa marketing campaign will share some things, it’s important that your med spa marketing target what it is the med spa could do for potential clients.

Each of us probably has a different idea of what a med spa should offer them. You can try to decide what your marketing is going to target by having a look at your current clientele and determine what they find special about your med spa. Not sure? Why not do a questionnaire? Entice them to participate by offering something “free.” It can become a valuable tool for you.

Many times people don’t even know what to expect from a med spa so if they were looking for a spa day to relax they might not even look at a med spa assuming it was a totally different type of spa. If your med spa has medical doctors let their credentials be known, and let your potential clients know what it is they offer for services. You can also promote medical breakthroughs and medical treatments as part of your med spa marketing campaign.

Therefore part of your marketing campaign could be to educate and thus grown your clientele. The internet is a great place to do that. You can run your own website, and you can also post on many forums. It’s an affordable marketing strategy that can help grow your business. After all how is someone supposed to choose a med spa if they don’t know what benefits has to offer?

Other med spa marketing tools to consider are brochures, a column in your local newspaper, radio, magazines, television, or trade shows to name just a few. Of course, you always use print ads, but do make sure you message is clear, concise, and offers something that will make you stand out from the competition.

As a med spa you likely have a larger budget for your marketing campaign, so it’s important that you get value for that budget. You can easily spend the money and not get the results you should. The way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to create your marketing plan, implement it, track it, and analyze it. Then you can keep you med spa marketing that is working and get rid of what is not.

Custom Beer Pong Tables as Great Trade Show Displays


Trade shows can be a very effective way to make large sales on ones product. The way in which a company displays its brand and product is one of the most important factors in a company’s ability to sell effectively at a show. Custom beer pong tables can be a major addition to ones trade show booth. I know from experience. Here is why  beer pong tables tends to be an effective marketing medium:

1.       It is a unique and memorable display. Trade shows tends to attract thousands to tens of thousands of vendors whom are all competing for buyers attention. A beer pong table is a unique way of branding oneself and displaying products. Most other companies just won’t be doing it.

2.       Not only can the table be used to display your brand and product, beer pong tables can also be used to engage buyers through play! Why should a buyer be interested in entering your booth rather than one of the thousands of others?  A beer pong table can be a major draw if you let buyers and passerbyers toss a ball into the cup for an opportunity to win a prize.  People love fun and games, especially if it breaks the monotony of a long day searching for products. Once you have a buyer engaged, you have won half of the battle.

3. Custom Beer Pong Tables can be branded with your design and logo for about $250, which is relatively inexpensive for an effective display. Trade show tables of comparable build and size sell at around twice that.

4. Beer pong tables naturally attract people. Beer pong tables are associated with fun times and a social environment, so unfold a table, and people tend to naturally gather around it.

5. They are portable and light weight. They fold up easily and come with a cloth carrying handle, making set up and break down simple.

Using Promotional Merchandise at Trade Shows and Conventions

Promotional merchandise is a great way to get your company recognized. Sometimes given away as gift-with-purchases, these items are also handed out by vendors at many trade shows and conventions, as a way of thanking visitors for stopping by your company’s booth. In addition to handing out a business card, after a potential customer has had personal contact, handing out a promotional product not only advertises your business’ name and company’s information but also leaves a lasting impression with that person. The potential customer will associate the positive interaction he or she received each time the promotional product is used.


In addition to passing out items at the company’s individual booths, company representatives may wish to see if the convention will be handing out gift bags. If so, before the event takes place, see if it is possible to get an estimate on the number of visitors. This way, you can order enough cheap promotional merchandise to comfortably place in the event’s gift bags while still keeping some at your booth. You may also wish to order two different types of promotional items; one smaller item for gift bags and a larger one for those who stop-by and visit.

Unique promotional merchandise, not only provides customers with relevant company contact information, but also attracts their attention. Ordering items in a unique shape, bright color or with bold font puts your organization out there; without having to say a word. Consumers are attracted to items that interests them; so whenever possible, order promotional products that do the talking for your business.

If using more than one product at your booth, notice which item people are attracted to. This will help you with future orders and since it has peaked consumers’ interest at this convention, having more of the same items will yield positive results at future events.

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