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Custom Beer Pong Tables as Great Trade Show Displays


Trade shows can be a very effective way to make large sales on ones product. The way in which a company displays its brand and product is one of the most important factors in a company’s ability to sell effectively at a show. Custom beer pong tables can be a major addition to ones trade show booth. I know from experience. Here is why  beer pong tables tends to be an effective marketing medium:

1.       It is a unique and memorable display. Trade shows tends to attract thousands to tens of thousands of vendors whom are all competing for buyers attention. A beer pong table is a unique way of branding oneself and displaying products. Most other companies just won’t be doing it.

2.       Not only can the table be used to display your brand and product, beer pong tables can also be used to engage buyers through play! Why should a buyer be interested in entering your booth rather than one of the thousands of others?  A beer pong table can be a major draw if you let buyers and passerbyers toss a ball into the cup for an opportunity to win a prize.  People love fun and games, especially if it breaks the monotony of a long day searching for products. Once you have a buyer engaged, you have won half of the battle.

3. Custom Beer Pong Tables can be branded with your design and logo for about $250, which is relatively inexpensive for an effective display. Trade show tables of comparable build and size sell at around twice that.

4. Beer pong tables naturally attract people. Beer pong tables are associated with fun times and a social environment, so unfold a table, and people tend to naturally gather around it.

5. They are portable and light weight. They fold up easily and come with a cloth carrying handle, making set up and break down simple.

Ideas to Increase Booth Traffic at Your Next Trade Show


One of the basic ingredients to a successful trade show experience is the amount of people that stop by your booth; the more people you are able to talk to the more potential customers you will have.  This makes having creative ideas at work in your trade show exhibits even more important than ever.  You can turn your booth into a must-see with just a few innovative concepts and designs.

Promotional prize wheels are a proven strategy for attracting people to trade show exhibits.  Convention halls are often dull and dreary and attendees are often bored by row after row of virtually the same displays; a promotional prize wheel, which can be customized with your company name and logo, can inject a splash of color and excitement into your exhibit, making it stand out from others and drawing people in.  Basically, the only requirement to spin the wheel is that the visitors provide their name and contact information, every spin wins a prize and every prize carries a promotional message.

Money machines are another very effective idea for catching attention and drawing people to your exhibit. Money machines work by having an attendee step into a transparent booth while an attendant counts down into a microphone; then a whirlwind of dollar bills, coupons or vouchers blows around the attendee while he or she struggles to grab as many as possible.  Money machines can be integrated into your marketing strategy easily; for example, let the attendees collect as many vouchers as possible in 30 seconds, then let them trade a certain amount of vouchers of a spin of the prize wheel.

Envision yourself as a trade show attendee; you’re tired, bored and probably more than just a little hungry.  Suddenly you get a whiff of freshly popped popcorn.  Customized popcorn machines are one of the best marketing ideas, who can resist the smell of freshly popped popcorn?  Not only does the tantalizing aroma bring people to your booth, but the bags can be customized as well.  Once other attendees see someone enjoying the popcorn they will search frantically until they find your booth.

Organizing a video game contest is another way to increase your booth traffic, provide entertainment, engage in conversation with potential clients and collect their contact information. Because only one person can play the game at a time, you and your staff have an opportunity to chat with those waiting to play, giving you another opportunity to tout your product.  Offering promotional items as prizes for the top five scores of the day encourages people to provide their contact information.

The key to drawing more visitors to your trade show exhibit is to understand what motivates them.  The ideas discussed above focus on people’s instinctive curiosity, hunger, competitive spirit and attraction to games of chance.  Any of these ideas are an easily implemented and cost effective marketing strategy that will generate more booth traffic and more sales.

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