Just How Many Ways Can You Utilize Twitter?

How are we using twitter? How do we intend to use and utilize it? There are dozens of ways to make use of this twitter thing. How plenty do we know? How much do we use? Heres a short list of how I use and perceive twitter for personal and internet marketing uses.

Making friends may be considered the most fundamental or widely known use of twitter. Like any other social interaction sites twitter promotes connection and making the world a smaller place. You can track friends’ messages and so their updates.

Being updated of the news.

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Cut Your Advertisement Budget with Cheap Vinyl Banners

When I was starting my company I made the mistake of buying an expensive neon-light sign for my store. I thought that it would attract customers to my pet food store. No it did not. It looked like a cheap striptease bar with it’s flashy lights. Then I discovered the electric bill. Those thing really need their own nuclear station to run. I don’t know how they do it in Vegas, well I guess they have the money. Another problem is that the lights don’t last very long, and they are all hand-made. So you can’t really pick up a … Read more at Free Business Cards

Where Are The Growth Industries For This Century

During the twentieth century we did a very good job of exploiting the natural resources that Mother Earth had in abundance.  Fortunes were made in coal, oil, and other non-renewables. It only made sense that we would utilize the materials that took millions of years to produce but the problem is these sources of energy are quickly being depleted.  One of the big growth industries of the coming century will be in the technologies which replaces these industries.

There is no way we will be able to go through the 21st century wasting energy like we have done since … Read more at Free Business Cards