My Internet Marketing Mistakes

When I started to try make money on the Internet I naturally made many mistakes. I wish I could turn back the clock and start again but sadly I can’t. At least you can learn from my mistakes and get a head start.

Making money online is not actually that hard if you follow some simple steps but the trouble is you get so bombarded with information that you end up believing there is a magical formula out there just waiting to be discovered if you read enough blogs or subscribe to lots of newsletters. the lesson – just stick Read more at Free Business Cards

Don’t Forget Business Cards for Offline Marketing

Don’t Forget Business Cards for Offline Marketing

Entrepreneurs today might contemplate only using online marketing to promote their product or service. With websites, blogs, social networks, micro-blogging, and social bookmarking sites very popular, marketing offline might be a thing of the past. Overnight Prints does not want you to forget that offline marketing is still very important for your business.

Producing leads by passing out your business card at networking functions is still a very powerful way to prospect. The interaction at an offline event can lead to better relationships and more sales. And an individual can present other members … Read more at Free Business Cards