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Dress Up For Career Success In 2016 with a Career Coach

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One of the most important pieces of advice that a career coach hands out is to dress for success. Wearing jeans or shorts with a sloppy T-Shirt or sweatshirt does not make people think you are good management material. On the other side over-dressing will not get you into management either. It is important to find a solid combination in the middle, but still being appropriate for the work that you do.


For office workers, dressing too casual is definitely a show stopper when it comes to career advancement. Wearing some nice looking Dockers combined with a Polo Shirt however should be just fine for most environments unless a more formal looking attire is required. As an example, banks still require their employees to wear suit and tie in many cases (if you are male) and proper business attire for women as well (business skirt, blouse, etc.). If you want to be a manager, check out what the successful managers of the company wear. Keep in mind that executives are often dressed one level above of what is required and so if you are aiming at a middle management position, dress like the other managers in middle management accordingly. Your goal is dressing appropriately to underscore your professionalism and competence.

If you have to work with external customers it is important to look professional to get their business. Consultants have known this for a long time and you will barely find any consultant who is not dressed for success.

Employees who have to work in a uniform of some sort for work, might think they are covered, but even in the world of uniforms important things need to kept in mind. In any profession looking clean and tidy (unless you are a construction worker or work in a similar industry) is an important part of work life. Employees who have to wear uniforms can separate them self from others by making sure that their uniform is always looking clean accordingly.

When job hunting dressing up for success is even more important as the interviewer will definitely judge you by your initial looks. Keep in mind that there is only one chance for a first impression and if you miss this opportunity to impress and to show professionalism than your chances of landing that new job will definitely shrink. No matter how smart or how skilled you are, overcoming the first hurdle is difficult – by the time you really start selling yourself it might be too late.

When starting a new job it is important to be dressed appropriately for at least the first 2-3 weeks. During that time you will meet so many people that it is critical for every first impression to be a good one. It is easier to slowly dress down one level after a while than doing it the opposite way.

Conclusion: A good rule of thumb is to dress conservatively no matter where you work. However, conservatively in a financial institution means something different than dressing conservatively for an Internet startup. This is very important to know for younger workers who are coming out of college these days. Making a mistake in regards to the dress code can make it difficult to advance at your current employer.

This article was written by Chris Puetz who runs the Colorado Career Network website. There you can find job related information and career advice that helps you to get a job or to advance in your existing job. A large section of the website is dedicated to CNA training as well.

Team Building Relieves Stress And Builds Bonds

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Nothing is ever easy in this world. No one really gets what he wants by merely lying around and not doing anything. Everyone works hard for what they want to achieve, and they really put their hearts out into it. Sometimes, little things would require great amounts of effort to be achieved, but people do them anyway for their goals. Some people may find it harder than the others to get what they want, but they still strive for it anyways.

People have been working hard all their lives, actually. As kids and as students, they study well to have good grades and move up the educational ladder, and finally finish their studies. Graduating from school would then mean that they would have to find a job so they could live and stand on their own two feet. Finding a job that would suit their preferences and their educational background is not that easy either. Oftentimes, for most people, it takes them quite a while to land the right job for them. They take on several jobs first until they find the right one for them.


Now, when they get a job, the working hard part even doubles. They have to live up to the expectations that their employers have for them. To maintain a good performance at work means to be responsible, efficient, and be a team player. Giving tasks their best shot and always putting their best foot forward sometimes works wonders for them. Their supervisors see the effort that they are exerting into their jobs, and they see their dedication.

During instances that they really have a hard time accomplishing their tasks, seeking help from their supervisors will show their eagerness to learn and improve. Managers often do employee coaching to find out the weaknesses of their people, and help them turn these into their strengths and help them perform better. Doing this for an individual employee can actually help the progress of the whole company. Some even go on a team building, which both strengthens their working relationship, and relieves them of the stress they get from work.

Working hard can sometimes take its toll on a worker and physically and mentally incapacitate him to do his job. Being a diligent worker is good, but it also pays to unwind and step back and admit you need the help of others sometimes. Seeking employee coaching from the experts and joining team building can definitely make you feel refreshed to continue working and performing.

Rising Atop The Business Food Chain With Increase Profits


The first thing that comes to the mind of a person once he has started his business is how to increase the profits of the business that he has put up. This is due in part to modern thinking that success in the business industry can be measured by how much profit a particular business makes; and if one business in particular does not generate income, then it pretty much is a losing battle for that business. Few people realize however, that increasing the profits of a particular business can be solved by studying the early stages of successful business and the studies made by various experts on that matter.

As a matter of fact, there are already numerous studies that were made that were aimed particularly to answer the question on how a business can increase its own profits. Some of the results have come as a shock as the most simple solution was able to create a chain reaction starting from productivity to profitability and it also made the workers love their jobs and also happy.

According to earlier studies made, in order to increase profits one must simply increase productivity. This is easier said than done, but with the modern concepts and methods in motivation available, it has become as easy as counting.

Increase productivity can be made by proper motivation of the employees and the workers of a particular business. Some of the studies show that by simply creating a spacious, pleasant, and clean environment, the workers would be easily motivated in producing. Other studies suggest that by increasing the amount of light on the work floor, productivity would dramatically increase, and as a result to that, increase profits can be seen and felt by the owner of the business.

There are also other ways that employers have motivated their workers that have resulted to increase productivity, an example of this motivation tool is the reward system. The reward system gives the employees a reward for every goal that he attains while on the work floor. This method has been tried and tested and has created increase profits for the employer. There are more ingenious ways in order to properly motivate an employee to increase his production rate, all that the business owner or manager has to do is find that perfect motivation tool that would properly motivate the employee and wait for the increase in income.

Grow Your Call Center With At-Home Workers


As your company grows, you might find that you need to expand your workforce to address customer service demands. Just because you want to expand your workforce, however, does not mean that you want to move to a larger location that will cost more money. Instead of expanding your facility, you can hire employees and contractors that work from home.

Creating an At-Home Call Center

Web-based technology makes it possible for businesses to serve customers from virtually any location. As long as there is an internet connection, your employees can log on to address customer concerns, take orders and perform other duties.

This means that you don’t have to expand your current operation to hire more people. It also means that you can employ workers from just about any area. This makes it possible for you to hire the best workers regardless of where they live. It also means that you can reduce your business costs by hiring people in areas with low costs of living.

Before you create a call center based on a network of at-home workers, you will need to find call center software that suits your needs.

Choosing Software for At-Home Workers

Many software development companies recognize that companies have started hiring more at-home workers. They have responded with a call center software solution that allows employees to answer custom service phone lines easily without leaving their homes.

The best software gives you, the owner or manager, the same control that you have on the production floor. Just because some of your employees work from home does not mean that they get special treatment.

You should, therefore, choose software that lets you monitor calls to check for service quality. You should also have the ability to gather information about how much time each employee spends on calls and how long the employee spends silent between calls. This will help you identify any productivity problems so that you can make the most of your business investment.

You should also consider choosing call center software that doesn’t require special hardware. Plenty of software developers have created programs that can use your workers’ existing landline and cell phone lines. Many of them can even use VoiP. Your workers just need internet access.

Using Software for Your Call Center

After you have chosen software for your call center, it is important to make sure it continues to meet your expectations. Before you pay for the software, ask the developer whether you can have a free trial period. This gives you and your employees the chance to review the programs before you spend any money. You might find that you prefer one program over others.

Reaching your next business milestone is an important step that you should consider carefully. As your business expands, you will encounter new needs. When you choose reliable software for your call center, you can rely on a workforce that grows according to demand rather than how much space you have on the production floor. It’s the smart way to grow areas of your business without risking a lot of money.

Article by BuyerZone. BuyerZone is a leading online service provider that connects buyers and suppliers for a range of services and equipment such as call center software..

The Importance Of Teamwork On Achieving A Goal As A Group


The business industry has globalized in so many levels that getting in is not the hard part, but it’s making it work once you’ve gotten in that is challenging. Indeed, the business world is very, very tricky. Thanks to unity, equality and anti-discriminatory campaigns, those in the top management have begun to reach out, relate with, adapt to and most importantly, adjust with the employees rank-file and up and their customs, cultures and even beliefs.

Because of this new development in management systems, the probability of employees actually co-existing and working with one another has grown higher. The cliché “no man is an island” has never been given justice as much as this. Looking back to those days where teamwork was not yet much of a shared value, a manager or superior would most often work on his own, not open to the viewpoints and contributions of those much lower in rank. Reality, though, is that even the most brilliant of minds can only go so far as the people around can take him. No single person can truly make a change on his own – the other half of success lies within those who responded to the challenge and those in whom change has been effected. For every success, there has got to be some other people behind or with the hero.

In the smaller picture, yes, success could probably be attained on one’s own, but if we looked at the bigger picture, will success still be attainable? Or will the fire, passion and commitment have faltered? The longer the journey goes, the more tiresome and lonely it becomes if done alone. On the other hand, a journey will always be meaningful and special if along the way, you meet friends, family, and one by one; you take them in under your wing and nurture the relationships you share with them.

Teamwork is more an affective, psychological and social principle than it is physical. Teamwork is not just about a group of individuals gathering together to attain a common goal; it is sharing the same goal, and facing the challenge together to learn, grow and improve with each other along the way.

Hence, regardless of your company’s size and structure, always take team building seriously. The value of teamwork is priceless and the effect it can yield on your employees and on their outputs can spell the difference between your company’s success and failure. Conduct team building programs once or twice a year and allow your employees and supervisors to share a goal and reach for it together.

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