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How To Structure A Business Proposal

Structure A Business Proposal

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The key to writing a good business proposal is satisfying the needs and requirements from the request for proposal (RFP). The basic structure of your proposal should include an executive summary, followed by all of your supporting/backup information.

When the customer is reading your business proposals they may only get as far as the initial executive summary. Therefore this section needs to be very punchy and include details of the exact approach and delivery techniques you use for executing their new business ideas. You want to make sure it satisfies all the key requirements detailed in their RFP. This is not an opportunity to promote extraneous information which the customer may not be interested in.

The remainder of the document (i.e. the second section) includes all the supporting data and information. It should highlight who will actually perform the work, the management techniques being used, the list of work activities that need to be done, initial costing analysis, delivery expectations, production approaches, reporting techniques and monitoring/evaluation criteria.

It is commonplace these days to include an appendix section for any in-depth data. This is often done for including lists of who will do the work or in-depth cost information. You should always realize that many executives reading the business proposal will only get as far as the executive summary. Therefore each section needs to be lead on from the next and stay as concise as possible.


With an initial draft of the business proposal complete you should then use the evaluation criteria (in the RFP) to establish its current score. This will give you a baseline on which to improve further drafts. With this in mind, you should always be trying to get rid of generalities or global truths. Always focus back on the needs/benefits which the customer is looking for and explain clearly how your company’s the right one for completing this work.

The Importance of Online Editing and Proofreading Services


There are many companies that offer an online proofreading service. These companies edit and proofread documents to improve the quality of the written English. Online proofreading services are easy for anyone to use.
Many people require online proofreading services. If your spoken English is good, but you need a little help with writing, then an online proofreading service is for you.

This is particularly relevant for those who speak English as a second or third language. While these people have no problem expressing themselves in their native languages, English colloquialisms and even common phrases may pose a problem. In addition, some languages do not have a definite or indefinite article, which means that these students often overlook this unfamiliar concept in their writing.

Online proofreading services are used to receiving documents such as these and turning them into highly polished articles. But there are other uses for online proofreading services.

Businesses requiring advertising and merchandising documents would benefit from using editing services. While many people think they know how to write well, how many know how to use a semicolon or where to use a hyphen?

Editors are used to seeing missing hyphens, incorrect apostrophes and missing commas and check for these automatically. After all, people judge you on the strength of your communication. If there is a grammatical error in your writing, particularly if you are a business, people perceive your product to be of poor quality.

The cost of online proofreading services varies. These services offer similar guarantees on quality and time, so make sure you choose the one that is right for your budget. Send in a small sample to judge the quality of the work, and then send in the main documents that need editing. Some sites offer a 24-hour turnaround with a 100% money-back guarantee. These online proofreading services often offer the best value, so keep an eye out for them.

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