VistaPrint, Boon for the Graphically Challenged




VistaPrint business card printing is unique in the sense that you can just log into a website and create a complete corporate identity all in one go. You can create a business card, office letterhead, envelope, brochure, as well as signboard, bank checks, and even rubber stamp designs that are all matching at the end of the day.


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VistaPrint Coupon Code (Photo credit: Michael Kappel)


You can use VistaPrint graphic designs, upload your own designs, or hire designers from VistaPrint to create a completely new identity for you.


This is a boon for anyone in business who feels the least bit graphically challenged, as the designs offered are very professional. The matching styles service is a must for any business that wants a cohesive look across all printed materials.



The VistaPrint website comes in many language versions, and there are affiliates in 20 countries that can guarantee speedy delivery of any new corporate identity.



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  1. Not sure that this is true:), but thanks for a post.

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  2. Your title really piqued my interest. I’m responsible for a substantial amount of business card orders, yet I am all thumbs when it comes to graphics.

    I think that I’ll take you up on your challenge.

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