Where Are The Growth Industries For This Century

During the twentieth century we did a very good job of exploiting the natural resources that Mother Earth had in abundance.  Fortunes were made in coal, oil, and other non-renewables. It only made sense that we would utilize the materials that took millions of years to produce but the problem is these sources of energy are quickly being depleted.  One of the big growth industries of the coming century will be in the technologies which replaces these industries.


There is no way we will be able to go through the 21st century wasting energy like we have done since the beginning of the industrial revolution.  We will need to conserve but we also will need to develop new ways to power our society.  Many people are looking at a solar energy business opportunity as a way to help build the technology of tomorrow today.  Ultimately all power sources, other than nuclear, have been derived from the sun or are being derived from its energy today.  It only makes sense that the sun will play a critical role in solving the major energy problems which are coming.

One business opportunity in solar energy is the heating of water for commercial and residential use.  This water can of course be used for hot tap water but it can also be circulated through the house as a way of heating the living space.  New heat transfer materials are making this more and more worthwhile every day, especially in places with cold, clear winters.  Many days the sun can be used for total heating and on the cloud covered days a backup system can be used.


Using the sun to heat water is efficient because the energy is not wasted by being transferred from one medium to another unlike electrical energy produced from the sun.  If you want to be on the cutting edge of this century’s technology then take a look at solar energy.

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