The Wonder of Retractable Badge Reels

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Retractable badge reels are probably the new breed of ID holders that do not look like the standard ID holders but have the same use and function. They are stylish than lanyards but more eye-catching although smaller in size. The basic purpose of badge reels is to allow us to display our identification whenever necessary through easier method.

How it works?

Retractable badge reels can be attached to our clothing or belt because they have clips in them. Their basic parts are composed of the swivel hook, bar pin, wire cord, vinyl strap clip or key ring. Their distinctive characteristic is their retractable cords that release their hold on the case for easy pulling and retracts back to its case whenever the cord is released. Unlike lanyards that put its whole yard on display, the retractable badge keeps its cord inside its case when not in use. They are also so compact and very attractive just like key holders.

More Uses

The nice thing about retractable badge holders is that they are very usable especially to those who need to swipe their magnetic cards frequently for access to computer rooms and other secured facilities. Their cords have different lengths that are strong and durable because they are made either from nylon or wire. The heavy duty type can also last for years without stocking and breaking.

Making Identity Exclusive

Whenever you walk in to an establishment or office, you will notice that the staff’s badges are unique from other businesses. This is because each business or organization has a custom name badge made exclusively for them. This is a standard procedure that each business entity or organization to have these made for those who are affiliated to them for recognition and security.

Each custom name badge bears the name and logo of the business or organization that it was made for. It also has the name and other details such as the department and identification number of the bearer on the surface of the badge. Some of these have disclaimers printed at the back while others have emergency contact details of the person who will be using it.

Choosing a Name Badge for You

Printing is a business that has successfully reached the limelight due to the increase of interest in the products of the said field. Mainstream stalls have garnered enough financial profit from this line of business, and the customers still multiply everyday. If you need to find a name badge printed just for you, you may consider the following suggestions:

Buy from less famous stores:

Designs from known stores can reach so many persons due to its influence. If you want custom name badges for you, you can find a rare design from less famous stalls. Their designs can also be unique from those popular choices and buying a piece from them could make your badge standout from the rest.


Custom name badges can increase their uniqueness if you would apply some personal touch in them. Use some of your creativity to do such.

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