Medical Transcription From Home – A Home Based Business

A genuinely growing trend in home based or telecommute opportunities today in medical transcription. Unlike many work from home ideas found on the internet, medical transcription is not a ripoff. Though a demanding profession that calls for an intense amount of dedication, there a great deal to be said for the rewarding independence that medical transcription from home provides.

Medical transcrptionists listen to recordings through a headset or other device, controlling the recordings via foot pedal controls, and in turn transcribe what they have heard. After the recordings have been transcribed, a medical transcriptionist then proceeds to edit the document for clarity and proper grammatical structuring.

Even though a great deal of preparation and study is required, medical transcription from home is beyond fascinating and in the end a highly rewarding career choice. With proper training, a bit of drive and initiative, you can quickly become a highly respected, and highly employable transciptionist. Though, there is a great deal of jargon and uncommon abbreviations used in the medical profession, there are a great deal of online resources that, combined with the obvious required basic knowledge of the field, that are readily accessible.


There are a variety of ways to begin your adventure as a medical transcriptionist. You can achieve a degree through any number of accredited colleges, or you may choose to seek out certification course through various online programs. No matter how you personally choose to gain your experience and begin your career, the end result is still the same – the freedom to work from home and join and ever growing and highly profitable career.

While medical transcription may not be for everyone, those with the desire to succeed, proper training and ability have a great number of opportunities awaiting them every day. Some choose a position as a regular employee with medical billing companies, preferring the comfort and security of a regular work week and benefits. Others may choose to work as an independent contractor, and receive payment by the line or word, preferring to determine their own workloads each day. Regardless of which route you decide on as an individual, you the freedom, independence, and sense of personal achievement achieved by becoming a Medical transcriptionist is undeniable.

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